*UPDATE* - The first video to drop has been added on the last page, go check out this radical edit with radical wipeouts.

*UPDATE* - More pictures added and words from the guys who made it out.

It turns out Jason Polakow made the right call a couple days back and Jaws was able to deliver the goods, albeit with fairly light winds. However, it looks like there was enough to make it out on the windsurf gear followed by some pretty decent surfing as well.

Kevin Pritchard was out there on his gun and has dropped us a quick quote of the tricky conditions - "I had a hard time out there. I only caught two waves and the wind was pretty light. Would have liked a longer board out there as my 7'6" was a bit on the short side. I think Robby was on an 8'6 or so and was just owning it. I missed one big wave but other than that I just wasn't catching them good".

So far a few shots have made it live and we doing our best to get more so keep heading back as we bring as many updates as we can. For now, enjoy the action.

Rider: Levi Siver

Photo: Jimmie Hepp

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 20.06.04

More behind the scenes gossip and chat from that day at Jaws; this time it's Kai Lenny who is interviewed by Maui Now all about his day on the water.



We've been sent a group of great new shots from Brawzinho, of him and Levi Siver in action on some epic waves at Jaws.

Scroll through below to check out the whole gallery by Jimmie Hepp.


Rider - Marcilio Browne

Photo - Jimmie Hepp

"Today was a lot of fun, the waves had really clean faces, not choppy at all which is rare, it was little hard to read as the swell had a lot of west in it, so it was difficult to make the call on committing on that first turn or running down the line. Anyway, it is always great just being down there and watching those bombs break everywhere, I went out there with Levi and my friend Fernando, than met up with JP, Swift, KP, Many, Naish and Morgan out there. still trying to collect clips".


Rider - Jason Polakow

Photo - Jimmie Hepp


Rider - Levi Siver

Photo - Poorboyzlive

"Two years waiting for a day and we finally got it. Conditions were tricky with the offshore wind and west swell.

The day started off slow with a building swell. Brawzino and I were debating if it's gonna happen. Then by midday the wind was blowing strong on the north shore and I started seeing bombs coming through at Ho'okipa I knew it was on. Getting the sets was hard even know there was only 8 of us sailing there was surfers on the west bowl and the wind was gusty so you had to commit to the drop. Very fun day and hopefully get another try maybe this week. "


Rider - Robby Swift


Riders - Robby Swift and Kai Lenny sharing one

Photo - Poorboyzlive


Rider - Robby Swift

Photo - Chris Friis


Rider - Morgan Noireaux, who gets a special mention for killing it on his first time at Jaws.

Photo - Jimmie Hepp


Rider - Robby Swift

Photo - Chris Friis

"It was pretty epic. We were a bit late due to some gear getting lost off the back of the ski (typical) but we had some fun ones. I had probably the best drop of my life but unfortunately didn't find anyone who has it on camera yet!!" - Swift

So if you were there and got it on camera then get in touch and no doubt Robby will buy the next round.


Rider - Jason Polakow

Photo - tracyleboe.com

In January we already reported of a firing session taking place at JAWS on Maui (see previous pages). We've patiently and very eagerly awaited the video footage and at last it is here, enjoy this radical edit by Johan Piculell.