Brazil is hot topic during the early European winter months, it is the place to be if you want near enough guaranteed wind and often small to medium sized waves to play in. Well covered territory, one spot in Brazil is known to many as the place to visit - Jericoacoara. However, like trends in board and sail designs, what the pros do first, many of us follow. No doubt this is due to the extraordinary images and videos of paradisical surf spots, which these top riders are 'surprisingly' happy to explore and discover before anyone has ever set foot there, let alone rigged a windsurfer.

So where are we going with this? Well we noticed the young Swiss rider, Jeremy Pluss, recently posting images of truly new and undiscovered locations in and around Jericoacoara. We managed to grab him for some words about his trip, where he went and also a bit about his own plans for the future. Be sure to read to the last page, where there is another surprise about the talented freestyler.

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My trip to Brazil started pretty relaxed because my Swiss friend Loick Spicher organized most of the things, mainly because he spoke really good Portuguese and he had some good connections to find transfers and places to sleep. It was my first year in Brazil so I was really happy about this. We travelled a lot! We wanted to also find a new place where it wasn’t crowded to be able to fully focus on the training. I almost sailed everyday on small sails.



First, we went straight to the flat-water spot Camocim. My goal was to first train on some new moves in this perfect freestyle spot and then go to other spots with harder conditions to also land them there. Most of the time I sailed in Camocim because I could stay there for free and it was the best and windiest place to make the most progress. I also went to Jericoacora a few times but I was a bit disappointed of the conditions on the water. After, Jeri, I saw spots like Maceio and a couple of other unheard of places. But for sure the lifestyle and parties in Jeri were unbeatable! However, it was really worth touring around and finding some super nice new places.

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The most of the time I was together with Loick Spicher and Hugo Souza. At the beginning I also trained with Marco Lufen, Arrianne Aukes and Oda Johanne. Then Steven Van Broeckhoven and Andraz Zan came and pushed me a lot with their high level. I learned a lot from them.



I’m pretty sure that my next winter training will be there again but this time one month earlier because the strongest wind is already in October. I arrived in November.



We were filming a lot and you can look forward to see some good action especially from the young talent Hugo Souza who we filmed a lot on this trip. We have a lot of material to cut but it will come out in January for sure.



My plan now is to keep my body moving with some fitness and hoping for some winter storms at my home spot at the lake of Biel. But the main reason why I’m now staying at home is my Music group “The Pitchers" who are freaking out a bit because I’m travelling so much.

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Up Next

My next destination is Venezuela. I will go there before the competition to get used to the conditions and for sure to train as much as possible on my moves.



If my pocket will allow it I will compete on all the PWA competitions but I still have to find some more sponsors and to plan a lot to be able to do as many as possible. And if I find time between to do some EFPT events I would be super happy because I really like this events.


As we mentioned a little surprise for the last page. Many windsurfers are talented people and their talents don't just lie within sport. Jeremy is one such person. He and a few friends have a band of which he is the lead drummer for. Check out one of their latest songs below.