Here in Gran Canaria there have been hundreds of doubles thrown down in the crazy conditions. The PWA judges no doubt have their work cut out comparing and fairly scoring the wide variety of styles, height, power and precision, just across this one move.

So, we've decided to gather together 10 double forwards from the competition and give YOU the chance to judge them, then compare your scores to the official PWA ones.

PLUS, once you have submitted your answers you can click on 'see previous responses' to check out how everybody else is scoring the jump, too. Clicking this will give you a summary of the scores submitted, we will then publish the full results in a week or two.

Philip Koster - Double Forward in Gran Canaria. Image credit PWA/John Carter.

Here's three important things to bear in mind before you get judging:

  • According to head judge Duncan Coombs a perfect double should score around 10.
  • The jump scale runs from 1 to 10, with 11 and 12s then being reserved for exceptional moves pulled off perfectly, such as stalled doubles, pushloop forwards and triples.
  • An official quote from the PWA rulebook on judging: Each judge may award each competitor for each manoeuvre on a scale of 1 to 12 in increments of 1/12th of a point, according to the spectacle, variety and quality of the performance.

1. Philip Koster

2. Jules Denel

3. Ricardo Campello

4. Adam Lewis

5. Leon Jamaer

Click next for five more videos for you to rate...

6. Philip Koster

7. Jaeger Stone

8. Dany Bruch

9. Josep Pons

10. Thomas Traversa

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