Yesterday we took a look at 10 double forwards from the PWA Gran Canaria, gave YOU the opportunity to judge the jumps and see how your scores compared to the official PWA judges.

Now, we've gathered 8 pushloop forwards and are giving you the same chance... how will you do with these?

Before you have a look through and post your scores make sure you have a quick read of our judging advice from yesterday. Also, it's worth bearing in mind a couple of things:

  • A cleanly landed pushloop forward could (and should) be getting up to the 12 mark.
  • The scale for scores will change slightly heat by heat, depending on conditions.

1. Robby Swift

2. Ricardo Campello

3. Josep Pons

4. Philip Koster

Click the next page for 4 more pushloop forwards for you to judge.

5. Ricardo Campello

6. Robby Swift

7. Antoine Martin

8. Ricardo Campello