Once again Boardseeker is joined by Katya Chistokhvalova for another slightly alternative travel feature. Instead of Brazil, this time Katya takes us on a trip to Vietnam and some secret spots around there. Read on to discover why Vietnam is worth considering.


This is my third winter in Vietnam. Besides the ideal wind conditions, other benefits of the country are the low prices and the abundance of beautiful places to visit.


Mui Ne- the windsurf capital of Vietnam

Mui Ne is a town on the south-eastern coast of Vietnam. It consists of an old fishing village and a long road following the coast. Along this road are the many hotels and resorts to accommodate the many tourists that visit every year. The area is very picturesque: dunes of fine white sand, palm trees and colourful fishing boats. The surrounding sand dunes heated up by the sun create a strong sea breeze. In the morning the wind slowly picks up. The wind is strongest around 2 o'clock with around 20-25 knots. The air temperature during this period is around 28-33C, and water temperature is around 24C. Some days it can be a bit colder, then a 2mm wetsuit is enough to keep you warm. The wetsuit will also protect you from the jellyfish, that are found all along the cost.


Mui Ne has another advantage, the entire bay has no reefs or rocks. The only obstacles you could come across are fishing lines. Due to these ideal conditions for water sports Mui Ne attracts more and more tourists every year.

For the rare days when wind is to weak for windsurfing, there's plenty more interesting sights. For example, visiting the mysterious lotus lake, the Chyamskie tower or taking an excursion to Buddhist Centre to the sleeping Buddha on the hillside.

For those who come to Vietnam to windsurf, I would advise to also visit the less popular, but not less windy city of Phan Rang. You can go there from Mui Ne in three ways: by motorbike, bus or rental car. This year we chose the third option. The journey From Mui Ne to Phan Rang takes around 2.5 hours.

Phan Rang is a small city 160km north of Mui Ne. There are less tourists, no bar or restaurants. The windsurfing conditions however are amazing: the strong wind doesn't create large waves or chop.


Besides windsurfing Vietnam also offers great conditions for surfing, kitesurfing and you can even play a round of golf. And there are the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. In three weeks I will leave Vietnam, but I'm starting to miss this magical country already. I’m looking forward to revisiting next winter.