Last week Jeremy Pluss filled us in on his adventures to some very much unheard of locations around the rather infamous Jaricoacoara (check it out by clicking HERE). This week we are joined by the Russian beauty that is Katya Chistokhvalova for another episode on Brazil, this time Katya takes us to São Miguel do Gostoso and slightly further inland. Stunning photos and a heart full of adventure, enjoy part II of Boardseeker's Brazilian Secrets tour - words by Katya Chistokhvalova.

Every winter my friends and I travel around the world. We look for wind, waves and the endless summer. This year I spent my winter holidays in Brazil.

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The small village of São Miguel do Gostoso, located in the northeastern tip of Brazil, is famous for two reasons: stable winds and the windsurf-club of the legendary, three times World Champion - Kauli Seadi.

That’s why it didn’t take long to decide which spot in Brazil to visit. This place exceeded all my expectations and gave me two months of: windsurfing every day, a positive morale and an unforgettable journey.

The huge sandy beach that stretches along the coast offers great windsurfing conditions. A hundred meter walk from the centre across the beach and you can hit the water. The air temperature along the coast is around 30°C and the water temperature is around 28°C. The water is warm enough to go in without a wetsuit. Unlike other tropical destinations Gostoso doesn’t have clear blue waters, but this is easily compensated by the strong consistent wind and beautiful scenery.

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The best way to get around as a surfer in Brazil is to rent a beach buggy. Renting a beach buggy costs around €50 per day. In one of these buggies you don’t have to be afraid of getting stuck on a dirt road or sandy beach. The roof of the buggy easily fits two sets of windsurfing equipment and it is super fun to be free to travel to your own spots.

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As for windsurfing, Brazil is definitely not for beginners. Gostoso is an ideal place for those who want to learn some wave-riding skills. On-shore waves and side-shore wind creates ideal conditions for those who are tired of riding flat water. Fortunately, my windsurf skills (planing jibes on an 88l board) were just enough to learn some wave-riding.

The ocean waves also create the perfect conditions for freestyle. Between the waves there are flat spots for flat water moves. The waves themselves are excellent ramps for air-moves and it can be fun to just watch the pros launching into spectacular tricks!

Russian freestyler - Vladimir 'Vovo' Yakovlev

If you go to Gostoso, be sure to visit the other spots, which are located near the village. Brazil is a country of contrasts, even in terms of windsurf spots. Just 40 km from the village you can enjoy perfect flat water. For those who want to ride big waves there are also some interesting spots. This is why, Gostoso is popular among European windsurfers.

The strong winds pick up at around 10:00 in the morning and die down after 16:00. This gives you enough time to windsurf and by the end of the day you are really ready for bed.

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After a great windsurf session you can enjoy the wonderful scenery or go on a short walk around the village. Gostoso is a picturesque town: small streets, tall palm-trees, colourful flowers, horses on the road and hawks in the sky. Here you forget all about city life.

I was pleased by the fact, that local people don’t bother you as a tourist. Nobody tries to sell you souvenirs or taxi rides. The locals are very kind and cheerful people. They can give you a ride, tell about the city and suggest where to go for dinner. Gostoso is sparsely populated and there a no touristic areas or big hotels. This place is perfect to spend your time doing the things you love.


But if you really want to see Brazil, you certainly need to go on a journey to other cities. I spent one week exploring Rio de Janeiro and Iguaçu. After visiting these places my view on Brazil changed dramatically. This country is so diverse, you can be on a windy beach in Gostoso, wondering the busy streets of Rio or walking through the jungle in Iguaçu.

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Here a lot of people play sports, ride longboards and go surfing. The most famous landmark of the city is the 57 meters monument of Christ the Redeemer.

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Finally, I want to say, that Brazil is a wonderful country. If you decide to go there, São Miguel do Gostoso is the place you should visit. We truly had an amazing trip there and I loved the surrounding sights we took our time to go and see. If you are travelling that far, it makes sense to go a little bit further, to explore and fulfil your dreams. You see things in magazines but it is nothing like the real thing.