The Busy Man

The Busy Man

Boardseeker caught up with Kevin Pritchard who is busy taking part in the American Windsurf Tour, as well as filming and taking photos of the AWT and PWA events. Oh, and he also is developing sails with Dave Ezzy in his ‘spare time’.

Where are you now?

I am just in Aruba at the moment. I am working on filming the PWA event down here with Red Bull Media House. They are doing a pilot show with Aruba, and they wanted Johannes and I from Maui Nerd Productions to come down and help out producing the show. I guess they liked the fact that we are both windsurfers and know the sport inside and out, know all the guys and how it works. So that is pretty cool.

You have just left the Pistol River Event (AWT), how was that?

It was great. I really love that place. So beautiful, the conditions are great and it is a lot of fun.

We gather you are pretty busy during the AWT. How are you involved (other than competing)?

Yeah, that is the only bummer. Sometimes, you just want to hang out with your friends and drink some beers, but I have been doing the photos and video and editing the daily videos so it makes for a busy week. I’m up late at night and early in the morning trying to get everything done. I really enjoy it though as it gives me a chance to get creative and I like that. I have been helping out with getting the promotions for the tour and getting some videos out there and just getting people stoked up to do it!

We keep seeing a lot more of you photos and video. Just looking at your blog, you certainly have a good eye! Do you ever find yourself stuck on the beach when you would rather be out sailing?

Ha ha… well I still balance it out pretty well. That is why I don’t get the epic shots. When it is going off, I have to get out sailing!

The AWT is taking in some amazing venues: Santa Cruz, The Gorge, Baja, Hatteras and Maui. How is it comparing to the PWA events?

Well, I love the venues. There are fun waves, good wind, and there is just a good vibe. I have never been to Hatteras and that will be fun, Baja, I haven’t been to in a long time and I am hoping to get some good conditions there. Maui… well that will be fun too. So it is basically just what I want to be doing right now!

Are you planning to go the Canaries at all this summer or are you done with PWA wave events for good?

I am not planning on doing the Canaries events this year. I needed to take a break from them and do something else. I wouldn’t say that I am done with the PWA events, just not doing them for now. I would like to go to Cabo Verde again and beat Josh once at his home spot, but other than that, I am just having fun and enjoying the life.

What has made you decide to make all these changes this year?

I don’t know. I just got an amazing deal with Ezzy to work on the sails a bit and to also help out with the marketing and just help Dave out with whatever the company needs. So far it has been working out really well. I was also doing the tour, and not totally stoked on what I was doing. I was going through the motions, but not sure if my heart was really in it. Then I started to not have that much fun and I thought it was time for a change. So now I am probably working more than I ever have but it is a new challenge and I am working on getting the sport more recognized around the world.

You have given up racing at the same time that you changed sail sponsor to a brand that doesn’t make race sails. Do you feel under less pressure with Ezzy Sails?

For sure I have less pressure to compete, but I still have pressure to make sure that David is stoked on me to keep working together. I really like working with the Ezzy brand. Tim Ortlieb is doing all of the USA distribution and is really cool, I also like hanging out with Graham, so it is a pretty tight nit group.

Are you having much input on Dave’s new sail designs? Any plans to make a race-sail?

When we get a new sail, we usually go down to the beach together, sail it and talk about it and discuss how we can improve it. As far as a race sail is concerned: I don’t think that is on the cards. You never know but at the moment I don’t think so.

Over the next few years, how do you see our sport progressing?

I think it is going to evolve a bit from the SUP thing. I think people are going to get sick of paddling and want to put a sail on their board. I think that could help out the industry and bring some people back into the sport. I think that a lot of people gave up when it came to short boards so I think the SUP board will be great as they will learn to have fun on a longer board again.

Do you think there is anything that we are missing to get more windsurfers involved?

There are tons of things missing. For one, it is being on TV. One of my goals this year was to get windsurfing on TV again. Maui Nerd Productions went down to Vietnam earlier this year and produced two 27-minute shows for ESPN Asia and also got distributed to France and a couple other places. From that work, we were offered this job in Aruba – I think that we are doing pretty well. The PWA has been helping out big time with it and instead of whining about there being no TV, I put my money where my mouth was and went for it. Pulled out a camera and started filming it. I hope we can get it mainstream again.

Who do you think is the best all-round windsurfer in the world at the moment?

I think I still am! Ha ha… The older you get, the better you are, right? I mean Josh Angulo is right up there, Antoine, Taty Frans – it is pretty tough, but I think I am not too far off it!






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