The New Generation

A new generation of windsurfers are stepping up, pushing the level and inspiring other kids to hit the water. First up Boardseeker finds out all about the young Oahu ripper, Kimo Brown.

Name: Kimo Brown

Date of birth: 4/10/1998

Born in: Honolulu, Hawaii

Currently living in: Honolulu, Hawaii

Years windsurfing: 3

Years competing: 0

Favourite discipline: Wave

Latest move you learnt: Tweaked aerials, Forward loops

What you are learning now: Loops, Wave Taka

Sponsors: Goya and +H2O


How did you get into windsurfing?

Even though I don't quite remember it, I was always down on the beach on Maui and Oahu watching my Dad sail, it was pretty cool. A couple years ago my Dad persuaded me to try it out, it was alright in the beginning but my dad kept telling me that once you get it, you'll love it, so I kept at it and kept progressing. Once I got into it I was driven to improve more and more because of a couple things. My windsurfing buddy who is only seven years old and ripping it up in any size conditions with me, and that there aren't many kids windsurfing so I could be one of the best and hopefully expand it and get my generation interested.

Have you made it to any competitions? If you have what was your first competition, and how did it go? If you haven't do you think you will compete in the future?

As of now I have not made it to any contests but plan to make my debut at the AWT Maui Makani Classic in October at Ho'okipa. Next season my Dad and I will be trying to make it to as many as possible.

What are your long term aims in windsurfing?

Right now I am aiming to consistently nail moves like goiters in the future and be an innovative sailor like Levi and Mark Angulo.

Where is your favourite place to windsurf?

My favorite place to sail is my home break on the South Shore of Oahu, that I cannot name so we can keep it as much of a secret as we can!

What is your local spot and why do you like it?

My local spot is just 15 min away from my house. When we don't windsurf it, it's a great surf spot too making the waves awesome to wavesail. It is port tack, so long down the line lefts. On a good day you can get six plus turns on a wave and there’s a killer end section to throw your tricks. It usually is side-offshore wind making the waves clean, and people are usually using 4.7-5.0 sails. I love it because my favorite windsurfing is moderately windy, clean waves and it does just that. You can check out a few waves there on my videos!

If you could go windsurfing anywhere, where would it be?

If I could go windsurfing anywhere it would probably be Cloudbreak or those killer spots in the Windsurfing Movie 2.

Who do you look up to in windsurfing? Who has inspired you?

I look up to the younger rippers like Kai Lenny, Bernd Roediger, and Levi Siver. I also look up to the guys who have been doing it since the beginning and innovating moves like Mark Angulo, Robby Naish, Francisco Goya and my Dad. People like my Dad who have done it since the start inspire me because of their love for it and to keep doing it no matter what. Also, my friend Wiley who is seven years old and ripping it with me all the time inspires me to be a role model and keep having fun.