The formidable French men, known well for his freestyle talent, absolutely owned the show at the PWA Indoor in Poland last weekend. Out of four possible podiums, Akgazciyan managed to take three of them. An unbelievable result for him, so much so that we very nearly failed to get any words off a very speechless Nico when we rang him yesterday evening.

I don't believe it yet, huh, it's too much, really, just too much.... You know I was so close to winning the slalom, so close to winning the speed challenge, it was crazy. It's hard to handle the stress of it all actually, I'm still buzzing so much, each day I wake up still totally in shock


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"I think the hardest part was coming in to the event having to go through the trials for each part of the competition. I wasn't so lucky in the jump but for the freestyle and slalom I had to compete in these hard conditions just for the elimination rounds, then from there it was through to the final. Each time was so close, I can't believe I did well on so many heats".



"In the slalom it was close hey, I was pushing hard against Ben Proffitt, but he kept finishing with the quicker times, I knew it would be tough against him and we both sailed fast, he was getting some tight gybes around the marks which for sure helped him in the end, but coming second is still amazing, I'm so stoked".


It was nothing like last time (8 years ago), even though the pool was bigger, the arena bigger it seemed harder.



"I saw that I had the top speed for quite some time in the GPS event, it was really nerve-racking, watching everyone go one at a time, knowing that any of them could take it from you at the last minute. That is exactly what happened, just 3 finishers from the end Taty Frans stole it from me with a speed that was quite a lot faster. It was really impressive actually, but to be that close to one more top spot and another large amount of prize money as well. There was €2,500 for the winner of that, but only the winner could take it. I don't think I can complain though, I never took so much prize money home before, haha, so stoked".




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Photos by JC/PWAworldtour and Windpic