Just under a week ago the freestyle riders from the PWA received an unexpected message from fellow competitor Nicolas Akgazciyan "We are planning to run the first PWA Freestyle competition of the season, it will take place in Leucate and will be from the 18th-22nd April". Running off the back of the Mondial Du Vent, the PWA will officially run on the 20th-25th April, there will be a Livestream broadcast and the best competitors in the world are hurriedly changing their travel plans at this very moment.

Boardseeker caught up with a few of those competitors for a few words about the event and their last minute travel plans. Read on (by clicking right) to hear more from some of the best in the world.

To give you an idea of what the competition will be like here is the video from the 2014 Windmeet event that took place at the very spot where the PWA will be competing in two weeks time.


It's a late decision but its great to have another event on tour with such amazing freestyle conditions like you get in Leucate! We might even get the best conditions of the year over there. Looking forwards to the event already and now I'm gonna hurry with changing plans and organise everything.


It’s super nice to have an extra event this year. We have all been pushing hard, for a few years already, that we get more events. So I think this is a chance we have to take. La Franqui, where the event will take place, is almost a home spot for me, I have travelled there so many times for training and to finally have a PWA there is amazing. The conditions are super strong wind and flat water.


Wooow! I'm just freakin' stoked! I had to decide between El Yaque and Leucate for the second half of my winter training and Idecide for Leucate because it has loads of wind and now the PWA is coming to me. It's amazing how flexible the riders and all the tour are. Only thing left to say, let's hope for wind and let's hope it is not 60 knots all the time...


I'm super excited that this event is going to happen, again a new PWA stop that iI've never done before and I love that because the tour isn't becoming a routine with the classic events. Plus I know the place as I was there last year for the windmeet during Le Mondial Du Vent, we had crazy wind during the four days we were there and I was stoked to win in front of the other Frenchies, It was amazing and I'm looking forward to the PWA!


For the first time a World Cup in Leucate, a place where I have been going many times during my school holidays and can provide some of the strongest winds you can imagine. Five years ago I started my international competition career here with the EFPT and now we have the chance to compete with everyone of the PWA, looking forward to it!


Well, it's always good to have an extra event for the sport so I will always support that. But because I'm at university and have an exam on the 24th of April it's a bit more difficult. If I knew that there will be an event held 6 weeks earlier, then it would have been possible to go. Then I would have been able to coordinate something with the professors. But now it's too short a time schedule to get something organised between them and I. Good thing that we have a discard now.


I'm super happy to know the Mondial Du Vent will see a PWA freestyle event! I can't wait to see the PWA guys competing in stormy conditions.


To have such an unexpected great event to enter the season was amazing news to hear! Can't wait to get in Leucate, meet all the riders and friends again and have hopefully good wind for some crazy action!!!


Sick Epic Awesome!

Awesome Epic Sick!

Epic Sick Awesome!

It's so great to have another competition added to our small world tour, and one more Europe tour-stop is just awesome to push our sport...