Just yesterday Levi Siver got in touch with us to let the world know that he has a new video series on its way. We were lucky enough to get a quick sneak peak before the release and if this trailer is anything to go by then be prepared to have your mind blown.

We caught up with Levi to find out what we can expect from the upcoming movies. Check out the questions below and be sure to scroll right to view this incredible trailer.

BS: Firstly, can you tell us a little about the planned video series?

Levi: I wanted to do something like this for a long time but was waiting for the right time. Now that social media is such a strong platform to share your passion I strongly believe it's the best way forward to share what our sport is about. The first episode is called Home which will kick everything off. The series is about my life but I'll feature other athletes as well and love sailing with Brawzino because he pushes me to go harder so I featured him along side of me in the first one.

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Photo Michael Clark


BS: Watching the trailer it was hard to see if you actually have any reason to leave Maui?

Levi: Yes lots of reasons, I wanna ride different waves because that makes you a better rider. I love Maui but there's a lot of spots I still want to discover and hopefully they will also turn into great episodes.

BS: Can you tell us how your average windy day in Maui pans out?

Levi: Actually, I touch on that in the first episode you just need to click play.

BS: Can we expect any new wave riding or jumping moves in this edit or was your focus more on creating a pure high quality series with perfect shots?

Levi: More production value was the focus. Everything was shot on the Red camera and recaps some winter highlights. As the series unfolds I wanna produce a lot more storytelling features because that's what fascinates me when I watch other videos. How the balance works with great action along with personal stories.

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BS: Is this web series the start of something bigger, perhaps a full length feature film?

Levi: I've thought a lot about making a third windsurfing movie but I feel the times have changed and what you can accomplish on the web is amazing. We have our own platforms to create and share things with thousands of people.

BS: Would you say you are totally done with the competitive side of windsurfing now?

Levi: I couldn't say that because I feel like I'm sailing better then ever and I'm not willing to make any decisions right now. The last few years I've been able to win a lot of events with amazing riders that have pushed me to be a better windsurfer but I really feel passionate about filming and telling great windsurfing stories I have a vision for that.

BS: Its our first time in Maui, can you tell us 5 top places we have must visit?

1. Hana

2. West Maui mountains.

3. Kula

4. Northshore beaches

5. Paia fish market

Through My Eyes Official Trailer from levi siver on Vimeo.