Yesterday, Marcilio 'Brawzinho' Browne took the PWA expression session trophy at the Kia Cold Hawaii World Cup. With a less than ideal forecast this gave us some time to catch up with the windsurfing superstar for a few equipment set-up details. Check them out over the next few pages but first a few words about yesterday's showdown.

It was tough out there, there was either a gust without a ramp or a ramp with out a gust, it was all about timing it and having a bit of luck. I am stoked to be able to find a good gust and pull off the double forward by the end of the heat.


Board Choice and Fin Set-up

In the light side-on conditions I was using the 104l Goya Custom Quad production with a twin fin configuration. I use the 17cm production fins, the same ones that you get from the quad set which come with the board just without front fins.

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Mast Position

I move the mast track a bit more to the back of the centre mark, just to loosen the board up a bit.


Sail Trim

I have the outhaul and downhaul very loose, to make the rig more powerful for maximum speed.


Boom Position

For me a high boom is what works, about 3/4 up the gap in the luff tube, this helps me push down more on the rig for earlier planing.


Sail Choice

I took the 5.5 on the 104l board, making sure I don't have much loose leech at all, little downhaul. This set-up worked just right for power and speed for the small ramps that we had.


Photos - JC/PWA World Tour