Marcilio to Goya…

Marcilio Browne To Goya

Francisco Goya and the whole team have stepped up to the mark and signed Marcilio Browne for the coming years. This brand is well known for it’s focus on the wave market and Marcilio is probably the most progressive wave sailor in terms of throwing a mix of freestyle in to down the line wave-riding. Let’s not forget that Francisco Goya is probably the most passionate windsurfer of all time. Could this be the perfect combination for an incredible year in windsurfing…

Questions (Marcilio):

Marcilio, you have moved from Fanatic/North to Goya, can you explain a little more about the change, is it purely circumstantial as you are now spending a large amount of time on Maui, or is there more to it?

It was a lot of things coming together and making perfect sense. Living in Maui obviously helps a lot. I also had many meetings with Francisco and at least I think we have a similar mentality. He was a very big influence on me as I was growing up and I think he can help to achieve bigger goals.

You had a big hand in the R’n’D process with Fanatic/North, will you continue to have such a major role with Goya?

For sure, I will work very close with that, will try to help as much as I can and also learn a lot with those guys. 

Taking freestyle in to the waves is perhaps one of your biggest influences to the sport of windsurfing. What are your thoughts on this and how much should it be accounted for at PWA World Tour events?

I think depending on how conditions are each day they could score high. In my opinion it’s not really about landing the move or not, but more where you do it on the wave, the height, the speed… that’s what I look for the most. I think tricks should be scored for how they were done, and not for what they are called. 

Would you say that the PWA is holding back the progression of the sport by maintaining a strong perception that wave riding at events is all about the riding style and less about the moves on the waves, with perhaps the exception of PWA Pozo?

It’s hard to say as we only have portack/onshore events for now. Tricks are important, and the future, but there is also a lot of progression to be done on the traditional turning, so I love to see both. I think on those conditions the judges did a good job this year, with things like that there will always be different opinions, could have been better, could have been worse. I personally would like to see a bit longer heats so we could take more risk, managing heats a bit more on a free sailing direction.

You played a large part in Andre Paskowski’s epic movie productions, how important do you think it is for the sport that we continue to see movie productions on such a big scale or do you think these productions can be even bigger?

I think movies are super important, at least when I was a kid I was not searching on the rankings so I could buy the board from the N1 guy, I looked into movies to see the approach of each person and that’s where my choices came from. Windsurfing has done a few really good productions over the past few years, and the level of those productions have been rising, I would love too see them get bigger and bigger, so slowly people from other sports would see how amazing it is and what they are missing. Apart from that it also pushes us sailors to try harder each time which I guess is very healthy for the sport.  

So it’s Goya for the future, how much have you managed to test the gear already and what are your initial thoughts?

Yeh it’s Goya for both boards and sails. I haven’t really tested much yet, but I am excited to start soon.

What are your plans for 2012, will you complete the whole world tour again, and what are your targets?

For sure I will compete on the world tour again, and I will try my best. My goals are to enjoy the sport, travel to good locations, improve as much as I can each day, have fun with my friends, do some movies, keep on being healthy and happy mainly, trying to keep a good balance of everything…    

Thanks for the interview, any final words from your-self?

Thank you all and enjoy 2012, will be great!!! 

Questions (Francisco):

Marcilio is a huge addition to the team, will he sit within the brand as purely a team rider or will he play a larger role?

It is a dream come true, I have seen Braw coming over to Maui since he was a little kid, he wouldn’t talk much but he will just spend hours and hours out there, you could see his potential and focus already then. It is a dream to finally start working closer together with him. His role in the company is being himself, he loves to windsurf and push the level of the sport, my goal is to provide him with everything he needs to achieve his goals. His involvement in the company is all around, right now he is working closely with all the design team working on his gear but that is just the start. I believe very much in him all around and rely on his involvement to keep building the connection between people and windsurfing for years to come.

Considering as he started at the age of 4 and was making podiums at the age of 11. What is it about Marcilio that really caught your eye?

He is just pushing each move to new angles, speed, height, etc. He is paying attention to all the details on his riding, getting inspired from other sports, his friends, everybody and everything. I believe he has got the potential to represent windsurfing for decades to come. 

Goya is seen to be one of the most core wave brands on the market, do you think there will be much to learn from someone like Marcilio who has spent a lot of time with one of the more mainstream brands?

There is always something to be learned from the other brands and teams pushing the sport. I’m thankful that there are other brands out there; I believe the potential of the sport is so big and wide that we need each brand to help develop this amazing and unique sport.

We asked him if bringing freestyle to waves should be accounted for more so at future PWA events. What are your thoughts on this?

Braw is pushing for the development of the sport regardless of move names or styles, he has been breaking down the walls inside the sport for years now and he is just getting started…

Brands are hugely associated with large-scale movie productions within other extreme sports industries, in particular, winter sports. Would you say that windsurfing has started to shift this way or should we see more brand involvement?

It is a natural process to see Windsurfing coming across to a wider audience, it is just a matter of time when we will see it regularly on the big screens, for the moment let’s enjoy it as it is.

Thanks for the interview, any final words?

Thank you for your attention to what we are doing, it is great to see Boardseeker keep on developing the future of Windsurfing. Happy New Year! 




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