Imagine two motivated windsurfers, a creative film and photography crew, a sponsor with great confidence in their athlete and one fantastic idea: A windsurf trip to Patagonia.

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Last year, the Austrian newcomer Marco Lang and the IFCA Slalom champion of 2012 from Argentina, Gonzalo Costa Hoevel, had the idea to start the the ultimate road trip. With the help of Marco Lang's main sponsor, the Austrian company 'Fabasorf', the two were able to make their dream come true.

A trip is just as good as the people who join it

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Good spots, good shots

The first spot on the schedule was Rio de la Plata, directly in front of the skyline of Buenos Aires. The colour of the water and the wind conditions are very similar to those at the home-spot of Marco Lang on lake Neusiedl – they had an absolute blast there.

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Iceberg ahead!

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The surf action was breathtaking, so are the shots. Everyone was happy and satisfied. Marco and Gonzo managed to surf right between icebergs and ice floats, they were surfing at high speed and smiling the whole time, despite the 4 degrees water temperature. The perfect 'Grande finale' of a wonderful adventure.

All good things come to an end.

In two stages the boys traveled back to Buenos Aires where they all said their goodbyes. JC flew back to London and Matthias and Stefan took the plane to Austria. Marco stayed for two more weeks at Gonzo's place to prepare for the upcoming world cup season. A great crew split into six personalities again, a wonderful journey came to an end. All that remains is a fantastic movie: “Heading South – A windsurf trip to Patagonia"

Photos by JC