Next up in the New Generations series Boardseeker catches up with up and coming freestyle star Mattijs Lasore.

Name: Mattijs Lasore

Date of birth:South Africa, Newcastle

Currently living in: Belgium, Deinze, close to Ghent

Residence: San Agustin, Gran Canaria, Spain

Years windsurfing: I’m windsurfing almost five years now; I started freestyling two years ago.

Years competing: I’ve been competing for two years.

Favourite discipline: Freestyle fullpower!!

Latest move you learnt: Double Funnell, Double Flaka, Double Puneta

What you are learning now: I’m training switch stance Kono, Shaka and Grubby into Flaka now.

Sponsors: Brunotti, Reptile Masts, Maui Ultra Fins, Fly High Sports

How did you get into windsurfing?

First my dream was to be a great footballer. And I followed a football camp. But what I didn’t know was that close to the football camp there was a little lake where they taught people to windsurf. Sometimes there were windy days and I saw guys planing which was so cool! One day when I came home, I told my Mum that I also wanted to attend that camp and learn to windsurf, so the following year I went and the first step on the board was so nice, I felt so free and I knew I really wanted to keep doing this amazing sport!!

Have you made it to any competitions? If you have what was your first competition, and how did it go? If you haven't do you think you will compete in the future?

My first big competition was the world championship Prokids 2011. I liked it a lot, I finished 6th. I know not really the best result but it was more for experience and fun! The year after I competed again for the world championship Prokids and got second U 15 and 3th U 17.

I also took part in the European Freestyle Prokids Tour in 2011. I came 2nd U15 overall.

What are your long term aims in windsurfing?

I would really like to compete in the PWA and when I grow up I would like to be in the top 5. But the most important is just having fun!

Where is your favourite place to windsurf?

Grevelingendam, Brouwersdam (Netherlands), Prasonisi (Rhodes), Six Fours (France)

What is your local spot and why do you like it?

I have two local spots: Brouwersdam and Grevelingendam. These two spots are very good because you can choose between flat water and choppy water. At the outside it’s choppy, but if you come closer to the shore then you have a little pool made with stones, those stones stop the waves so it gets very flat.

If you could go windsurfing anywhere, where would it be?

Bonaire! I’m really dreaming of going there since I started windsurfing. I would like to go for a really long period like two months that would be sickk! But it’s very expensive… So first I have to save some money.

Who do you look up to in windsurfing? Who has inspired you?

A bunch of people have inspired me! But most of all the pro’s like Steven Van Broeckhoven, Dieter Van Der Eyken, Youp Schmit, Remko De Zeeuw, Paul Zeper, Nick Van Ingen, Rick Jendrusch,… I can go on for a while.

PS: I really would like to thank my parents, my family and my friends for supporting me!

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