Two weeks ago three of the biggest names in windsurfing checked the worlds weather maps, with weeks of light winds and a very unfavourable forecast at their training ground on Maui, the three found themselves all staring into their laptop screens. There was one place ticking all the right boxes... Pozo.

Kevin Pritchard sent me a text asking if I had seen the weather maps for Pozo, and if he was me he would blast over...


An all time forecast of swell and 50 knot winds for a solid 5/6 days could pay off but they had to pack their bags and be on a flight within 24 hours for a journey that would see them cross to the other side of the globe. The three in mention; Marcilio 'Brawzinho' Browne, Robby Swift and Graham Ezzy. It is the former that we caught up with to get the inside scoop, plus a few pointers on what and what not to do when going last minute. I mean how could we say no to a feature like this when we are offered such incredible images of one of the most humble world champions in our sport.

I called Swift and we were out the door 15 hours later.


Over to Brawzinho...

The forecast for Pozo was looking great, plus it hadn't been the best year on Maui. I kind of felt it was time to get some practice, so I got home one day and Kevin Pritchard sent me a text asking if I had seen the weather maps for Pozo, and if he was me he would blast over, so I called Swift and we were out the door 15 hours later.


My goal here was to get in shape for the world cup events that are coming and to try out some new sails but in general just get a lot of water time. I was working a lot on my double forwards and pushloop forwards, the level was super high as we all pushed each other to go bigger and bigger. It was super nice to practice here when it was fairly uncrowded and away from the competition period with no pressures, just pushing our own level and moves as much as possible. Robby was a good training partner as he kept trying to get cleaner landings on some really big moves.


For my gear I had my smallest kit with me but most of the time I was using my Goya Custom Quad Wave 84l with Goya Banzi 3.4 and 3.7. I was also testing some of the new sails and I was stoked to feel how easy it was to control it all in such strong wind.


It's not uncommon for windsurfers to take last minute trips like this, after all the weather doesn't always play ball. However, one of such magnitude is certainly matching that of the Red Bull Storm Chase and to be prepared to go at a moments notice isn't always easy. So we picked Brawzinho's brain about what he does to make such a trip work out.

Make sure you know that the forecast is solid and not going to fade away, so go somewhere you trust and even better go somewhere you know already.


Make sure you have a day of rest before getting on the water once you land. There's nothing worse than causing an unnecessary injury from tiredness/jet-lag because you are buzzing so much from such a last minute decision and all you want to do is hit the water. Give yourself time to breath and rest.


Go with a friend. It's so much better to have someone along with you who you can share the sessions with, maybe even share camera duty or just to see that first forward loop you land.


Take all you need and some more. Make sure you do a quick pre-flight check, you could even have a check list already made and pinned to your door for that moment when you will suddenly go. Just have all the gear and take some spare bits, a UJ, rope, mast, some sail repair tape, ding stick (for your board), duck tape...


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