Time and time again we see images of Teahupoo cropping up in the surfing world, yet still it is a rare treat to spot a windsurfer shredding this famous reef break. Well the stars aligned recently and there was one person who wasn't going to miss out, the former PWA Wave World Champion himself, Kauli Seadi. However, the fact that a camera was out was sheer coincidence. We caught up with the photographer, Mathieu 'Spikyshots' Fouliard, for a few words on want just went down. Make sure you don't miss a page, the images are just insane.

photo 2

Mathieu, what just happened, out of no where, images of Kauli have exploded on to Facebook, what were you guys doing there?

Spikyshots: Actually it was more of a coincidence, my good friend (the one riding Naish) Charles Vandemeulebroucke has been living there for 2 years now, waiting for these conditions, waiting to score the perfect session, for 2 years... Perhaps it was no surprise that he wasn't the only one on the water that day. When Kauli showed up he had a small film crew with him who were shooting for some kind of reality TV show.

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The conditions look like they were pumping, we've rarely seen windsurfers on Teahupoo when it is this big, what kit were Kauli and Charles using?

Spikyshots: Yeah it was really pumping, I definitely captured the biggest set waves on photo, as you can see here. They were both out on sails around 4.7 and quite small boards, about 75-80l.


Did you get your own session?

Spikyshots: Unfortunately not, my RRD gear didn't show up in time so I did the right thing and picked up the camera, it was incredible to see these guys ripping on such perfect waves but I wanted to be there so bad.


Any big wipeouts?

For sure, Kauli went over the falls on his last wave, he got sucked over really bad. We saw him heading in after that and then didn't see him again but we heard he twisted his ankle quite bad, possibly even broken. I think anyone in his position would say whatever it was, it was worth it.


What about Kauli's equipment, did it survive?

Spikyshots: No for sure not, nothing survives the power of this wave. We heard everything was totally destroyed, the wave even had enough power to break the board in two. That kind of shows you how strong it is for those that get sucked over the falls. We are happy to hear that nothing worse happened to Kauli and are looking forwards to the video footage coming online.


Check out the gallery below to see even more incredible images plus the ones already featured, blow them up, check them out in the biggest possible size you can, they are seriously impressive.