Whilst in Dahab with Fanatic/North international team rider Max Rowe, Boardseeker.com got wind of a new movie dropping from team rider and 6x World Champion Gollito Estredo. Seeing the 'premier' we knew we had to catch up with Gollito for a few more words on what it is like to be the most successful freestyle windsurfer of all time. So check out the next few pages for our short interview and don't miss the video on the final page.


BS: Can you tell us what you have been up to over the winter training period?

Gollito: Mainly just training the same moves, putting in a lot of time on the water to keep my level high, I felt that maybe I had just lost some power in flat water so I was working on some pretty hard combinations. We also had some really great conditions for jumping at home in El Yaque this winter so I could work on getting more air time and the big power moves.


BS: Have you been working on any new moves for the 2015 competition season?

Gollito: Yes and no, not so much on brand new moves but more on combination moves like shaka into ponch, air flake into goiter but also working a lot on the triple PASKO.


BS: Equipment set-up and gear is always changing/improving can you tell us your current set-up?

Gollito: Yeah the perfect size for El Yaque is my 4.4 North Idol and 93l Fanatic Skate TE, fin size is 16cm MFC, harness lines are 32cm, good size for me. It's too hard to explain how I use my footstrap position, I think in general it is best for people to try out their own set-up and use it how they feel comfortable, this is what I do.

For the equipment I am always pushing hard to make sure we have the best new gear.


BS: Lastly, are you still motivated in the same way as you were 7 years ago to become the freestyle World Champion once again?

Of course I am. I'm extremely motivated. For sure I would like to become World Champion once again but I know there are some young guys coming up who could also win the title too, for sure guys like Amado Vrieswijk could win a title and Hugo De Sousa from Brasil. This year the level will be higher than ever and the fight at the top will be closer than ever, it will be an exciting year to follow our discipline that is for sure.