Following the top girls last week, the men now share their favourite moves, including hints and tips, and the inside scoop on what new moves you could be seeing soon.

What is a relatively 'easy' freestyle move that you still love to do?


Kiri Thode: My easy freestyle move I think is a really fast grubby, because the feeling of the grubby is cool! It's like doing a quick reverse 360 with your body and the gear.

Davy Sheffers: I do really love to do ‘’old skool’’ moves. For those classic freemove manoeuveres you need a lot of board and sail control. I have been doing them for so long and really love to keep doing between my most focused training sessions. Especially a long and stylish bodydrag makes a lot of ooh and aah’s on the beach… I still love to do the good old spock as well, I just try to make everything perfect as possible.

Steven Van Broeckhoven: It’s the Shaka because it gives a nice feeling of flying. The move is not easy to learn it’s more a feeling you have to get to make the move, best thing is to learn on a little wave, carving upwind to the wave, lean forward and bring the sail to the back while pushing the front hand down and look the way how you turn.

Gollito Estredo: The moves I always like to do and feel really comfortable with are the airflaka and high shakas. I can use those moves as warm up, get back to full concentration and then relax on the water. I also like the Airtime and fast spins of those moves.

Taty Frans: My relatively easy freestyle move that I still love to do I would say would be FLAKA! Why the flaka? Because that's the move that most freestylers can do and that's the first move that any one does when they hit the water, the feeling is so cool because you can go so high or low by just giving a little work.

"Flaka" using the clock:

  • Sailing in a straight line, let's say 3 o'clock
  • Bear off downwind at 5 o'clock, at this position the sail loses a bit of wind power and so the board goes along but still maintaining speed.
  • Once you are in this position you will have to bring the mast "sail" toward the nose of the board while at the same time you jump the board making the nose go back at 3 or 4 o'clock, moving your head where the nose goes. This will help to make the board rotate for the flaka, as you are into the move while your body must follow your head position and lean forward while your legs should be still pushing the back of the board at 6'oclock.
  • Having your back hand straight and pushing the sail so that sail catches power at the other side, while you are in this position you shouldn't be scared, all this happens or should be done in seconds. At first it might scare you, but it's the beginning of a move that will for certain make other moves easier because they are kinda like the same feeling. Funnells, switch chachos, shakas, these are all these moves you have to lean forward and looking at the nose of the board.

What is the coolest hard move you have learnt recently?

Kiri images credit: Starboard/JC

Kiri images credit: Starboard/JC

Kiri Thode: Of course this one I will not answer this one! I got some crazy stuff in the bag in Fuerteventura, the upcoming event and going do some of them there!

Davy Scheffers: Until now I think some of my last moves you saw are pretty hardcore. For example, Spock culo spock, Flaka shaka flaka, kabikuchi into kono and the last double burner puneta are pretty sick not? I love flatwater, I love speed and I love to use loads of technique in it. But some of the moves you just cant do like that in choppy conditions. I have to be honest and in choppy conditions I am just not sailing good as most of the guys out there… I miss the consistency, drive and fun out there… For me it is just not as cool, as sailing at home with you’re best friends in the perfect conditions.

Steven Van Broeckhoven: Airfunnell into burner. I like it a lot because it makes you feel really connected, it’s important to make the airfunnell is high and more than 360 in the air, then when you land you pop into a burner. The second pop is easy when the airfunnell is made totally in the air if not it’s hard to pop it in a burner.

Gollito Estredo: Actually the move I recently learned and kept on doing more and more is the double airflaka, with both rotations completed in the air. I just need to be even faster and even higher to be able to do that move, but that is what I really like about it.

Taty Frans: The coolest hard move I have recently learned I should say is the "NO HANDED CULO".

It's hard to explain how to do a high level freestyle move! The reason why it's hard to explain or say how to do is because everything happens so fast and some moves will, or can only be done when you are spending so much time on the water and by doing the same moves over and over again. Then you have so much control in it that you realise oh I can do this or this:

Basically the no handed culo was done by Steven van Broeckhoven in the winter time, but as soon he had posted on the Facebook I went on the water and my first try I made it without even crashing. So I would say it's easy but at the same time hard.

The no handed culo, you have to really be in control of the normal culo, once you have it in the pocket, you will realise when to let go of the sail. Most people let it go too early, what I have found out is that: sail size it is easiest with 4.4 - 4.8. Getting the no handed culo done you should be powered up and don't bear of down wind, just sail in a straight line, duck the sail keeping the same position and as you hit the chop or you are in the air with the board and you are ready to thow the sail down wind you should just follow the sail move. As you are throwing the sail and your front hand is passing in front of your eyes, then you should let go of your hands, and your body and eyes should be facing the sail as it flows around so that you can keep track of your gear.

I like this move because it's not sure that you will make it no matter how good you have the culo. It's just a matter of being in control of the sail and not being scared, because if you blink then for sure you won't make it! But it's the best feeling ever just being in the air with only your two feet on the board, while you are no handed and with your eyes on the sail :) and just waiting for your body and gear to rotate while you wait for the sail the come back on your hands :).

What are you working on now, or do you think could be possible in the near future?

Taty Frans credit: TBC.

Kiri Thode: I'm working on combo moves, powerful try to make everything higher and clean. For the future will be so many combo moves to make one new move, it will be hard for sure but will be really nice combo moves in the future.

Davy Scheffers: I just received my new Tabou Twister ’13. And it is really rocking. More pop and faster. That’s what I have been waiting for, for a long time. The board we had was nice but just not as good as most of the new shapes. Especially you could feel it on choppy conditions. But now I got it and focusing on some new tricks.. Upcoming Saturday looks really promising again and I might go back to the flat water lagoon.

I want to try the new board out there…. Double burner puneta with twin fin =P… I want to know if the difference will be that big with a single fin board.. What would be possible now??? I mean that’s what everybody has been telling me now since I used the twinfin tabou boards.

All with all, I am not the only one that’s pushing a lot. Especially Steven, Gollito and Kiri are the guys that are inventing more and more hardcore tricks.. The level get so high these days. But on the end, you have to play it smart during the competitions if you want to win and show that you are the best competitor. Some of them don’t care and just focus on keeping pushing their tricks and show the best on video.

Steven Van Broeckhoven: It’s a flaka shaka. It’s not a new move but a move, which I wanted to learn few years ago but it was for me impossible. Now with my new board JP freestyle 100 I feel I can do it much easier, now I’m landing them sometimes, not consistent but I just started.

Gollito Estredo: What I am trying to do at the moment is a lot of new moves and new combinations, to push limits a lot. The one I work on the hardest recently and have landed more and more often is a triple combo of my easy moves.... airflaka shaka airflaka all in the air.... I think this is the future of new school freestyle, more and more crazy air combinations like in Motocross, BMX or Snowboard...

Taty Frans: I am not really working on new moves, as some new move are just combination moves, but I have been thinking on the airchacho into clew first spock. Something that could be done in places like Fuerteventura or Lanzarote, and Pozo too. I believe it could be possible, same as the triple loop is possible so why not the airchacho into clew first spock?