Noah Voecker

Name: Noah Voecker

Date of birth: 07/11/1999

Currently living in: Lanzarote (Canary islands) SPAIN

Years windsurfing: 7

Years competing: 0

Favourite discipline: Waves and freestyle

Sponsors: Fanatic, NorthSails, ION.

Latest move you learnt? In waves: landed backloop. In freestyle: shaka and the double flaka.

What you are learning now?

In waves I'm learning to land more consistently and make higher backloops, plus learn pushloops. In freestyle I'm learning to do the normal stance kono and be more consistent with the new moves I learn.

How did you get into windsurfing?

I grew up on the beach and have always seen people windsurfing. One day, when I was 5, I told my father that I wanted to windsurf. He thought I was too young, but actually, it worked pretty well and I have been addicted since that day!

Noah Voecker

Have you made it to any competitions? If you have what was your first competition, and how did it go? If you haven’t do you think you will compete in the future?

Yes, I will start to compete in waves and freestyle in national and PWA events.

What are your long term aims in windsurfing?

To be world champion and promote this fantastic sport.

Noah Vocker Time to ride. from The wave Hobbit on Vimeo.

Videos produced by Mark Dowson (Juice Boardsports Team Rider) and Russell Groves.

Where is your favourite place to windsurf?

My favourite place to windsurf for freestyle is in Las Cucharas because it is flat water and sometimes you can do some moves going down some swells, it's super fun!!

For waves it's Jameos; it's a lava reef with a super long left hander with some side off wind!

If you could go windsurfing anywhere, where would it be?

I would go to Jericoacoara and Camocim in Brasil for freestyle and for waves I would love to go to Australia, Cape Verde, South Africa and of course to Maui!!

Who do you look up to in windsurfing? Who has inspired you?

I look up a lot to Gollito Estredo, Victor Fernandez, Tonky Frans and Philip Koester.

Noah Voecker

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