It's a freezing morning on Friday 13th January and the snow is falling in most parts of Norway. Along the coastline, that stretches from the polar areas to Oslo, it is still high season for waves at this time of the year.

With temperatures below 5 degrees, a handful of viking sailors are searching for these fantastic waves. When the cold winds pick up from the north the powerful waves build to form perfection for huge distances before they hit the sandy/stony coastline. There are many world class spots when you know where to sail at what time. The wind is not so consistent, but bringing a surfboard will fill the lighter wind hours. One of the best places is Lista near the south-west point. Unfortunately, there are some restricions due to wildlife conservation, but sailing is permitted at the favourite spot of Pisserenna.

If it wasn't for the temperatures then Norwaii is a very well deserved nick name. Although if you are willing to tackle the cold then you can enjoy perfect conditions without a single person on your wave.

Photos 1 & 4 by: Terje Tuft

Photos 2,3,5,6,7 by: Otto L. Motzke