Oda Johanne has certainly opened up her first full year on the PWA world tour with a bang. We spoke with her over a year ago and she was convinced that all she wanted was to travel and just enjoy windsurfing, competition wasn't her thing, but when you come from a competitive background, it's not exactly something you can easily let go of. Previously a top level handball player back in her home country of Norway, Oda certainly has the drive to compete and do some serious damage over the next years. You only have to sit around some of her peers when she is out sailing to hear that she has progressed her level in minimal amount of time, showing some sort of underlying talent that could find her on a podium sooner than any of us think. We caught up with Oda to find out a little more about her year and her plans.



It's been a very exciting year for me as I followed my dream and travelled to different places I've been dreaming of for a long time. At the places I have been to I've sailed with a lot of other windsurfers who were and are competing, so I thought it would be cool to give it a try, even though I never thought I would compete in windsurfing when I first started.

To compete this year was actually not my plan, as I wanted to train one more year first. But Arrianne Aukes forced me...haha! For sure it was a good experience sailing heats for the first time and to feel the adrenaline you get during the 6 minutes where you are in the spotlight.

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The PWA World Tour


World Champion?

I don't windsurf to become a world champion. But for sure I really want to do better and better and improve each season. I think the only chance to become a world champion will be if Sara Offringa's flight gets cancelled to the events..haha! or you have to move to a place like Bonaire and train as much as possible. Sara is the next level compered to all others at the moment, let's see what the future will bring.


Winter Training

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