Pablo Ramirez Bolaños is next up in our ‘New Generation’ series; part of the wave of young rippers in Pozo, this 17 year old is one to watch out for.

Name: Pablo Ramírez Bolaños

Date of birth:24th April

Born in: Gran Canaria (Spain)

Currently living in: Pozo Izquierdo (Gran Canaria)

Years windsurfing: 7

Years competing:5

Favourite discipline: Wave

Latest move you learnt: One handed wave shaka and goiter

What you are learning now: Wave Frontside 360 and grubbys

Sponsors: Goya, Aeron, Animal, Pozowinds

How Did You Get Into Windsurfing

I grew up watching the best sailors just in front of my house and, since I can remember, I always wanted to get into the sport! And my cousins had a windsurf-school ( so that helped me to start!

Have You Made It To Any Competitions

Yes, I‘ve competed at the PWA world cups at Pozo and Tenerife since last year, and with the juniors at Pozo since 2008, I also compete at the Spanish cups and some other locals competitions!

What Are Your Long Term Aims In Windsurfing

I would like to enjoy this sport until I am no longer able to do it, living experiences all over the world, and trying to be a Pro following the PWA tour, and of course try to be a world champion one day hahah :)

Where Is Your Favourite Place To Windsurf

Some secrets spot at Gran Canaria and Pozo!

Above: Pablo along with fellow young rippers Alessio Stillrich and Moritz Mauch.

What Is Your Local Spot And Why Do You Like It

My homespot is Pozo Izquierdo, It’s blowing nearly everyday and I really like when it gets wavy and really strong!

If You Could Go Windsurfing Anywhere, Where Would It Be?

There are too many spots to choose one… hahah I would like to go to Maui, Australia, Peru and a lot more!

Who do you look up to in windsurfing? Who has inspired you?

I look up to Victor Fernandez, Jonas Ceballos, Kauli Seadi, Marcilio Browne and all the locals from Pozo… My biggest inspirations are Daida and Iballa Ruano, Francisco Goya, Jason Polakow and the ones mentioned before!

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