It was over the Christmas/New Years period that we received a question, a little bit out of the blue, from one of our very own readers. Rather than send in a travel story or a photo gallery, we received a simple question accompanied with a rather painful yet slightly amusing video clip (see above).

Guys when I bottom turn I can't see the wave, the window in my sail is either too small, in the wrong place or blind due to sunlight. How do pros deal with this?

Well Christian Christen, with your rockstar name we managed to get you a rockstar answer from the guy who quite possibly has the best bottom turn in the game. It is so finely tuned, so precise that he never has to worry about what he will do once he reaches the lip. Yep we put the question to Levi Siver and you can find out what he had to say over the next few pages, just scroll right.

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First of all there's no getting around a sail that doesn't have much window to begin with. That's why it's important to buy from companies that have this feature.


Keeping the sail clean is important. I never leave my stuff sitting on the beach for too long because the windows go bad.


Trust your turn and use the window for every moment you can throughout the bottom and top turn. Muscle memory and repetition helps with your confidence so you don't have to fully rely on the window.


Sometimes if the wave looks sketchy down the line or there's sun in my eyes I'll pull the sail back before I begin riding and look with a clear view before dropping into my bottom turn.