Taty Frans

Boardseeker caught up with Taty Frans for the low down on the freestyle scene in the run up to the first PWA event of the year. Many of the competitors already met at the EFPT event in Austria where light winds forced the freestylers to up their game on their big gear. Now with it being the peak season in Bonaire, and the home of some of the best freestylers on this planet, it looks like competition will go to new heights once again.


So who stands a chance at taking the podium? Will Kiri Thode defend his title from the word go? Is Gollito Estredo more fired up than ever? Will Steven Van Broeckhoven power down on them all? Or maybe the Frans brothers will fill the podium? Check our inside info right here...


Eyes on the first PWA freestyle event, words from Taty Frans.

Dieter van der Eyken,

With fluent moves on both tacks he seems to be very used to the Bonaire conditions. Pulling off no handed burners and clean air funnells on both sides he is certainly on the right path.


Anthony Ruenes

He seems to have gained more confident during the winter and has the flaka shaka completely dialled. He looks like he is pretty much in form to be back in the top with his powerful, super tweaked out style.


Bjorn Saragoza

Bjorn has been sailing a lot for the last few weeks and with his new flashy hotsails he has been seen pulling off culos, konos and burners on both tacks and flaka shaka totally one handed like it is nothing... Things are looking solid for him.


Nic Hibdige

The UK boy has spent most of his winter on Bonaire and even though he has much to learn I won't count him out, he is a fast learner and he might be a surprise when the horn goes and the green flag is raised.


Choco Frans

The 3rd of the Frans brothers, Choco got style, but most of all he is flying through all the latest moves on both tacks. He looks comfortable enough, and with one week to go he looks set to make a name for himself during the event.


Gollito Estredo

He is going higher in literally all of his moves compared to last year, he is smooth and he seems to want that title back. Having arrived just 4 days ago, he should get even more confident and comfortable with the conditions before the event starts.


Kiri Thode

Last years PWA World Champion is sailing like he owns his playground. With all of the latest moves in double rotation Kiri sure seems to have the hunger to defend and keep his title. If there is one thing that you can be sure of, then that is Kiri wants to win the first PWA freestyle event. He is sailing at an incredible level.


Other Riders

Hugo de Sousa, the kid from Camocim improved a lot, and by a lot I mean he is going crazy high in kabikuchis, burners, culos, konos, air funnels, lik eyou see in the videos. No doubt this guy will be in the top here on Bonaire, and did I mention he is still a teenager!

Philip Soltysiak, Cheo Diaz and Devis Paternina are all on Bonaire and they are all looking solid, the level is high and it will only get better as we approach the final days of the event. The thing is, with such a high level amongst the top guys competition could be closer than ever before.


Davy Scheffers has injured his arm & Youp Schmit has also done something with his knees. Hopefully they will both be fit in time and ready to compete, because they are both solid windsurfers with great moves.

Photo credits:

Unlabelled photos - Trevor Hibdige - www.facebook.com/LacBayVilla

Cover photo - Markus Seidel - photo.markusseidel.com