Well and truly back, PWA Cold Hawaii is on. Missing off the calendar last year, Klitmoller is bursting with pent up energy to provide conditions for the best wave sailors in the world. Make sure you stay tuned as we bring you plenty of updates from this next stop on the PWA World Tour.

With registration currently under way we thought we would take this opportunity to present Victor Fernandez's warm up clip from his time training at the spot this last week. This made us feel all nostalgic and excited at the same time, why? Because for many of us this is what windsurfing is about, sailing at home in conditions that are not perfect side-shore logo-high waves but instead scoring a session as a front comes through with wind blown swell. Calling in sick or taking a half day off, that's how we know windsurfing and if this rings a bell to you at all then you will sure enjoy this.