PWA Sylt has had a quiet warm up so far; a gentle start for the wave fleet, an attempt to kick things off for the freestylers and one and a half rounds of slalom. However, a forecast is unfolding for what could be an exciting finalé to this 10 day event. In the meantime, here's a run down of highlights so far.

First up is the event video - part 1, if you missed this then it is well worth a watch as we can expect similar action during the coming weekend.

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Arnon celebrating his early win.

Sticking with slalom and it has been that very discipline that has seen the most success this week, with Arnon Dagan stealing the show in the first round, he certainly looks hot to take the title here should he hold his form. However, as we well know, much can change in the macho ranks of slalom, not least with the power, drive and determination of Antoine Albeau. Watch this space...



The girls mean business

As per usual Sylt is the perfect place for brands to meet, magazines to collate stories and the PWA to ensure they stay one step ahead of the game at all times. One such way is to hold quite heated discussions with each of the disciplines about what they would like to see change and progress to keep pushing the sport forwards. So far all but the slalom sailors have had their meetings and we've seen plans proposed for live scoring for freestyle to feedback on the trials and judging of the wave heats this year.

Whilst plans for freestyle live scoring have been in motion for more than a year now, a suitable system has yet to be decided that the majority of the riders are happy with. However, progress is progress and there is certainly plenty of promising doses of that going on each day, another space to watch then... We can't say much more on this topic right now but we can unveil something about 2016 Starboard gear if you keep reading to the next page.



We asked a few short questions

We can see a V1 and V3 version on the floor, how many shapes do you make each year?

Remi: Well it very much depends but we are often making 6/7/8 for each freestyle size.

Do you get radical with your prototypes or do you try to alter small things?

Remi: Oh no, we are happy to try out some radical things, big ideas sometimes require big changes and this is what we are more than happy to let out team riders test, but we mix and match, sometimes a small change can make a dramatic difference.

So what about other ranges, how many prototypes are you making from the iSonic for example?

Remi: We hit 50 protos last year, you have to remember each size needs its on prototypes, so it becomes very easy to clock up the number of boards we test. At the end of the day we do this to make sure we have the absolute best shape for the following years.

To wrap up today (Tuesday 30th), we've picked our own rider of the event so far, the one and only Jaeger Stone. Cool and collective, the humble Aussie looks totally focused to do battle at the drop of a hat. Having already showed a strong performance on the World Tour this year with two fourths in the Canaries, he is no doubt keen to see another result count to see that discard wipe out his score from the formidable event in Klitmoller, which saw the competitors take to the water in light onshore conditions in the final hour.