Keep heading back here for more updates which will be added as new pages to the end of this feed. Photo is from earlier on in the week during PWA Klitmoller, we are experiencing similar conditions here in Sylt.

Amongst the first riders to return were Nicolas Akgazciyan and Dieter Van Der Eyken. Both riders passed the qualifications but unfortunately that was the end of the road for them. It didn't stop them grinning from ear to ear as they both sailed solid heats against Thomas Traversa and Marcilio Browne respectively.

Yeah I'm stoked, it was super close, unfortunately I just missed landing a wave 360 back in the wave and this could have made all the difference for me, still only 1.5 points behind the World Champion, can't complain too much. - Dieter Van Der Eyken told us.


We just wondered into the kit tent and saw a chilled out Jager Stone. Having just passed his heat he's now preparing to face Ricardo. These two finished close together in Sylt and now face each other on the water.

"Yeah I'm pleased to make it through, I'm now up against Ricardo so am just thinking about my earlier heats and what to do in this one. I'm on my 4.8 and 80l quad, the gear is working fine, it's quite light out there because of the onshore wind and waves. There are some set waves but actually I kind of realised these are not necessarily the ones you want, there is no wind in front of them and it really kills your ride. It seems better to try and stay in one section and really work it back and frontside. Let's see how it goes..." - Stone


We bumped into Olya Raskina by the men's heat board, she's up as soon.

I was out a bit earlier, it's really light, my 4.8 and 69l board wasn't enough so I've managed to borrow some gear off Leon, an 80l board should help. Brrr it's so cold!


It seems that most riders are walking their kit back to the kit tent. The wind is very marginal and despite the best efforts of the PWA it is hard to push the sailors again and again.

"It was super light and I was in my 5.7 and 104l board, just like in Klitmoller, I passed against Dieter, it was close hey, but these conditions are tough, it can be anyone's game" - Brawzinho