The Boardseeker Podcast from PWA Tenerife is now live!

It has been one of the most exciting, controversial and fun filled weeks here in Tenerife and now you can xheck out a full run down of the men's action from the event, plus interviews with the top riders and behind the scenes footage.

You can also scroll through below for some wise words from the top riders of the week...

Podcast: Tenerife 2014 a Windsurfing video by boardseeker

[part title="Jaeger Stone:"] Jaeger Stone:

"In all my heats I just tried to have fun, and it turned out well so I'm pretty happy. This year is just about preparing for next and I don't really feel any pressure. Every heat I just try to remember to have fun and sail like I'm freesailing, and not take it too seriously; I mean, it's just windsurfing."

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 12.00.09

[part title="Philip Koster:"] Philip Koster:

It feels pretty good, I had a super hard final against Thomas. I think it was tricky (the conditions) but I kind of managed it.

Philip Koester PWA Tenerife 2014

[part title="Thomas Travera:"] Thomas Travera:

I've been pretty lucky (with equipment), apart from my favourite board, I broke it in half in the semi-final.

[part title="Adam Lewis:"] Adam Lewis:

'I had a heat with Musso, actually now when I think about it I'm pretty bummed, but I sailed a pretty good heat.

Adam Lewis. Image credit PWA/JC.

[part title="Victor Fernandez:"] Victor Fernandez:

"I was sailing a little before my heat, then it the heats I just got really good waves, I think I was a little lucky too. And I just really enjoyed my sailing."

Victor Fernandez on the water on day three, before he hit the almost perfect heat on day four.