Thomas Traversa wins the final mission and takes the Red Bull Storm Chase title!

After 3 missions, to Ireland, Tasmania and now the UK, the Red Bull Storm Chase is finally complete. 10 riders started, but only Dany Bruch, Leon Jamaer, Marcilio Browne and Thomas Traversa made it to the final stage.

All the riders sailed exceptionally in the hardcore storm conditions here in Cornwall, it was a close call between Browne and Traversa over the final mission, but in the end it was Traversa with his uncompromising hits and slick linked turns, plus insane jumping that secured him the wind.

Congratulations to all the final four riders, it was an incredible spectacle to witness the world's best storm chasers in action. Stay tuned for the Boardseeker podcast, coming very soon...

Gallery from day two on the next page, click below for more coverage.

[part title="Gallery from day two"]

[part title="Day two begins..."]

Day two of the Storm Chase so far has been full of ups and downs.

Some of the biggest jumps ever seen have been produced, including a super high push loop forward from Brawzinho. Traversa again looked incredible again, taking his wave riding to another level.

Though the conditions started off at storm level, they have now dropped down, with both the wind and the waves not looking good enough to continue with competition.

It's now up to the judges to decide the final winner of the Storm Chase...

[part title="The competition is ON! "]

The competition is ON! Today the jumping is absolutely going off! Some of the biggest jumps the judges have ever seen are being landed by both riders as the storm really starts to push through.

Yesterday, it was riding that was key with most riders getting high wave scores but not pushing the jumping too much. Today is the day for the best jumps to come through and for us to really find the best overall rider in the storm chase.

Day two of the Red Bull Storm Chase is on at the Bluff, Cornwall in the UK.

Bruch and Brwazinho will be up in the first heat in just a few minutes as all riders still to score their best 5 waves and 5 jumps. Competition due to kick off at any moment, hold tight for more info!