Competition cancelled for the day! The conditions looked lIke thug why getting worse, so the judges made the call to cancel competition in the hope of running a few more heat/ tomorrow. It is all to play for as we go into the final day of the mission, with every rider still in with a shot of taking the title.

Scroll below for all the latest from the first day of mission three...


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There's a short heat break again now, before anther two heats will run, the conditions are looking even harder as the water is moving fast and the tide is super low. With this and the light winds jumping is proving to be even harder, this combined with the riders being even more tired from a long day on the water means the day could be coming to a clone fairly soon.

After a 10 minute heat break Bruch and Brawzinho are back on the water for heat number 8. Brawzi has his equipment sorted and Bruch is looking fired up. Bruch goes of a massive section, but doesn't quite get the timing.

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This heat with Jamaer and Traversa is looking close, the waves are bowling through more now, and whilst the wind is looking a little flukey the riders are still looking comfortable on 3.7s and 4.2s. The waves are jacking up even more now, as Jamaer just avoids a massive close out.

Another heat comes to a close, Brawzinho has taken yet more solid wavs scores as well as getting another double too. things are looking close at the top and the waves are on the rise, looking like within the next hour or two the waves could get up to double mast high. All four riders so far have good jump scores and some very impressive waves in the bag, the plan is to keep go with more heats as the conditions improve.

Bruch links some good turns on a wave, but then gets taken down. Brawzinho gets some more incredible waves and late hits, plus gets a wet double in the bag on his jumps too.

Bruch and Browne are heading out for the next heat. Looks like Jamaer is feeling it after his massive wipe out in the previous heat. Jamaer hit the lip and got a massive aerial, before bailing at the last second, he landed on the water from 25 feet plus in the air and I sounds like he blacked out for a second and is now feelings little shaky on the land.

Browne looked absolutely on fire in his previous heat, scoring some high scores with his let turns right in the pocket of the wave. Up now Traversa and Jamaer are back out on the water, with Traversa again taking some massive hits and late turns, usually making it not in one piece. Browne seems to be enjoying the conditions saying some scary waves are coming through, the wind is still up and down making the sailing even trickier.

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The second heat is now underway with Bruch and Browne on the water. The wind has comeback through, Browne takes a late hit on a big wave but just doest make it

Round two is underway at the Bluff, up in the first heat Jamaer and Traversa are takin out on some meaty waves. Traversa has been linking some incredible turnes as well as boosting some big aerials. Jamaer is putting in a strong performance too, at it looks hard to is between the two as the heat comes to a close

Traversa is leading the wave riding at the moment, after taking on some pf the biggest out the day so far, whilst Jamaer has taken the best jumps, plus proved he has the right attitude by taking on a massive wave 360.

After the first two heats in the crazy Gwithian beach break, the chase is now movi to the Bluff. The heats will continue as the riders rack up the points for their best 5 waves a jumps. Competition looks like it will kick off again at around 11.30.


Bruch and Brawzinho have hit the water for the first heat, both looked underpowered to start then came in to change up. The jumping looked tricky with the waves peaking up and making it almost impossible for the riders to get out back. Traversa and Jamaer are now on the water, Traversa just avoiding a massive wave on the way in.

The storm chase is kicking off down in gwithian! The riders are preparing as the swell is rising at Gwithian beach. Sailors are rigging their 3.7s and getting into their wetsuits ready for the first heats to take place very soon. The winds are gusty but well over 50 knots coming throughout with some massive sets too.

The mission will be scored best 5 waves and best 5 jumps over the whole mission, with there being bonus points up for grabs for the single best jump and wave too. The heats will be run with two guys at a time, with Bruch and Brawzinho heading put first.

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The Red Bull Storm Chase, Mission 3, will take place today at a yet to be announced break in Cornwall, England.

The final four competitors in the storm chase: Thomas Traversa, Marcilio Browne, Dany Bruch and Leon Jamaer, will take part in an all out contest to find the best storm rider in the world.

The final destination for the competition, the heat structure and will all be announced just before the competition starts, so keep checking back on Boardseeker for all the latest. What is for sure is that we are about to see some of the best and most extreme windsurfing ever take place as absolutely massive swell and 80 + mph winds sweep through Cornwall. Just how will the top riders cope? And who will be victorious?

These questions and more will be answered very soon, so stay tuned...