Yesterday we brought you the results of our Judge For Yourself Double Forward feature, today we have the results from the Pushloop Forwards. Confused or not sure what we are talking about then click here to see the original feature.

For those that want the shot re-cap then here are a few details:

Make sure you have a quick read of our judging advice from the first double forward feature. Also, it's worth bearing in mind a couple of things:

  • A cleanly landed pushloop forward could (and should) be getting up to the 12 mark.
  • The scale for scores will change slightly heat by heat, depending on conditions.


Without further-ado here are the results from your judging of these 8 pushloop forwards, in reverse order...

8. Antoine Martin - 6.88 points

7. Josep Pons - 7.12 points

6. Ricardo Campello - 7.78 points

5. Robby Swift - 8.12 points

Click the next page for the top 4 pushloop forwards.4. Robby Swift - 9.50 points

3. Ricardo Campello - 10.25 points

2. Ricardo Campello - 10.75 points

1. Philip Koster - 11.50 points

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