That's exactly what we did, here are 5 of the most useful tips you'll ever receive if you can relate to anything that is not down the line perfection and dare we say it but you could certainly utilise much of this in down the line as well. Call it a universal toolbox of tips right at your fingertips.

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1 - It's better to use a small sail and a big board than a bigger sail and a smaller board.


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2 - Try to ride with your board always on the rail, backside or frontside, it helps creating speed. Stay away from flat and straight bottom turns.

Team rider Alex Mussolini demonstrates

3 - Draw nice and long turns without applying too much pressure.

Again Alex Mussolini finishing off a long backside turn

4 - On the top turns (front or back side) try to keep your weight right on top of your board, as if you didń't even have a sail.

Weight over the board

5 - Always try to anticipate your next turn because once you lose the speed it is hard to recover.