...winter west coast sailors are picky. They don't freeze their balls off unless the waves are perfect.

It's that time of the year again when the polar opposites share one similarity, good conditions for windsurfing. In the southern hemisphere the daily onslaught of windsurfers arriving and departing is ever increasing as spots like Cape Town and Western Australia become more and more poplar. Meanwhile in the northern hemisphere, those who have decided to stay at home, through there own choosing or not, will experience fronts just as gnarly as those of their southern counterpart, except one major difference - temperature. To head out in the waves along the Norwegian coastline at this time of the year is verging on suicidal as freezing winds combined with powerful waves provide, well to be honest, some of the best wave sailing in the world.

This is the photo story sent to us by Otto L. Motzke of Terje Tuft and his small nit Viking warrior crew who take on these epic storms.

Phots by Otto L. Motzke


When the fronts come in the escape in Norway can be amazing. We often go straight from skiing in Oslo to the west coast (6 hrs by car). We arrive with just 4 degrees air temperature but feeling good when we see the swell is clean and large.


We have a really fine angle for our swell. Had it been small this session it wouldn;t have been the first time we showed up and the UK had been in the way of it reaching us properly.


The best swell directions ten to come out of the NW or SW. The waves can be well over mast high, so glassy and clean. The wind is usually a little fickle but in general it is not something to worry about too much when you ride such perfect glassy waves with you and a few friends.

Taken from an earlier feature with Terje - "One of the best places is Lista near the south-west point. Unfortunately, there are some restrictions due to wildlife conservation, but sailing is permitted at the favourite spot of Pisserenna". There are spots all along the huge coastline we have, I guess we are really lucky in that respect, there is just so much to choose from.

In the end the locals are friendly but they don't easily share their spot secrets to strangers. Norwaii is one of the few places in Europe where you can still find unridden beaches with no one else around. Summer-sailing is popular but winter west coast sailors are picky. They don't freeze their balls off unless the waves are perfect. If not they prefer skiing, snowboards, etc... But when it comes to surfing you will be surprised to see how many guys are in the water even on minus degrees days.

Fra Helge

Photo by Helge Rotnes


Photo by Helge Rotnes