Sometimes size does matter. In this short and sweet feature we catch up with PWA wave sailor Alessio Stillrich to get a few tips on how to go big and remain in control. Here's what he had to say about launching yourself off the biggest most vertical ramp out there.


Over to Alessio...

1 - Be small, as in tuck in all the gear really close to your body once you have taken off. Keeping tucked up will lock everything in position and help you float to the highest possible point of your jump.

2 - Pull the sail in tight after jumping and hold it sheeted in, don’t open it. This will squeeze the very most out of each and every jump, especially if you combine it with point 4 (below).

3 - Open up the hands a bit, so a wider grip to allow more control.


4 - Make sure you pick a ramp that is super steep and when you hit it go vertical instead of trying to go far, so point the nose of the board to the sky.

5 - Power is everything, over powered is better, then you fly. So take one size bigger than you normally would for the sail, board size is not quite as important.

6 - Lastly, make sure your back foot is tucked up in under your ass and lock up your muscles a bit so the wind doesn’t make the board flick around in the air.