After episode one of Secrets of the Wind, there was much anticipation surrounding episode two. Well put that anticipation aside because it's finally here and you can enjoy it in its full glory on the final page, but before you head there be sure to scroll through the exclusive gallery of images over the next few pages, or if you are really really desperate to watch it then you can fast-track you way there by clicking here.

We caught up with Andraz Zan for a few words about this episode.

"The trip was very long and exhausting but we experienced a lot. So many countries... In 1 month there was so much variety in nature as well in spots... Not perfect conditions but there was wind which is the most important. We realized Europe is small and it offers a lot. We met many local riders and had a lot of fun. There is often risk and adrenaline when you are following the wind and searching for spots, but in the end it all pays off!"