Starboard have just released their latest product video for their popular tandem board - the Gemini Mark II. In response we decided to dig up some of the tandem greats. Enjoy the video below and a few images and further videos over the next pages.

Windsurfing across eight-mile-wide Pailolo Channel, Hawaii.

Erik Aeder got this shot of locals Jeff and Jen Henderson tandem windsurfing across eight-mile-wide Pailolo Channel—between Molokai (in the background) and Maui, Hawaii, one windy morning last summer. "I hung out of a helicopter for more than two hours, waiting for the sun to come out," says the 48-year-old photographer, who lives and works in Haiku, Maui, and surfs at Ho'okipa Beach Park. "There were 25-knot winds and eight-foot swells, but the Hendersons sliced through it with style.


Holy and Matt Schweitzer, seen here, were perhaps one of the first to get a tandem windsurfer air born.


The Tandem World Speed Record

Originally set at 13 knots some 15 years ago, Antoine Albeau and Cedric Bordes decided to up the level a little, check out their record attempt by watching the video below. Their final speed was near to 38 knots.

Anyone who is an avid windsurfer will know this one well. However, if you never watched until the end make sure you do because this is not only the worlds longest windsurfer but also the first ever windsurfer to tow a water-skier and the first ever jump over the middle of a windsurf board by another windsurfer.


It seems that recent attempts at taking on the worlds longest windsurf board have also proven fruitful.


Tandem rail-riding anyone?

Chad Lyons and Jeff Hoyt windsurfing in Newport , RI USA