The third episode from the popular Secrets of the Wind series is out and well, it's most certainly the best yet. We caught up with Steven Van Broeckhoven whilst he was busy taking his fourth consecutive overall title at the final European Freestyle Pro Tour stop in France. Check out the interview and you can watch the video on the final page, or jump straight to it here.

Karpathos paradise
SVB just won the EFPT overall title, we ask him about it further on, keep reading.

BS: Steven, you told us you hadn't seen the video at all yet?

SVB: Yeah it was a surprise to me to see it at the same time as everyone else when they showed the premier of it two nights ago. I heard from Andraz Zan (the producer) that it was the best yet and I have learnt that when he says something like that I can expect something super good. It was exciting to watch it for the first time with so many people around and for sure now I will go and watch it a few times in my van.

BS: So you were happy with this last edit from your road trip around Europe?

SVB: Totally, it's just as Andraz said, the best one yet. He really knows the island of Karpathos well (where this episode is filmed) and you can see that in the video. He also used almost all the best moves, I think there were some others that could have gone in but in the end it is what suits the edit the best and I'm really happy about this one.

Check out the video on the last page

BS: Is that it for Secrets of the Wind?

SVB: No, definitely not, we will keep going but now we will look for places beyond Europe and see if we can shoot at more unique destinations, or perhaps in well known locations but with a unique twist. For example our next one is looking good for Maui, but you know, everyone knows Maui so we have some ideas in mind that will make this fresh... You will see.

Heading back in after an epic final session in Karpathos

BS: You just won the overall title for the European Freestyle Pro Tour Championships, that's number four, is it starting to feel a bit same same?

SVB: Of course it is nice to be on the podium as the overall European Champion again for the fourth time but that's not the same, it's not boring to be here or usual or anything. In fact it gets harder every year as the level is improving all the time and the guys at the back catch up with the guys at the front. The gap between the good guys and the guys towards the back of the fleet is getting really really close now and every heat is exciting to watch but also hard to pass. For me I'm stoked to be here once again and the feeling will never get old.


BS: You also took the tow-in overall title, it was a surprise to see three events count towards this series with the minimum prize money being met at two events as the events happened (Lanzarote and France). Tell us your feelings on tow-in and the growing popularity of it?

SVB: For me I have mixed feelings on it. That said, it is really great to see so many people watch our sport so close up. We can literally do the moves right in front of the crowd, some of the guys are even crashing onto the beach which makes it exciting and it is a bit easier to follow and predict a time for the show so that spectators know when to come and watch. In the end, of course I am stoked to win this title as well, it is not easy with so many good guys and like in the windsurfing, each year gets closer and closer.