Way down under in New Caledonia a pumping swell, with perfect wind direction, hit the shores of this small island that sits off the Australian East Coast. It was the storm of the decade and it happened just a week ago. A few pictures spread across the social media interface like wildfire and we couldn't help but notice how incredible the combination of the shots were with the seriously late smacks that the guys were performing on such massive gnarly lips. We caught up with both the cameraman, Gill Chabaud, and one of the guys charging out there, none other than freestyle legend (2002 King of the Lake) Colin Sifferlen, to here the story from their side.

...the waves just kept getting bigger and bigger, sometimes the boat was so close to the shoulder of the biggest sets that I thought they would drop right over the falls!

Gill Chabaud - The Photographer

This session was dedicate to Captain (the boat pilot) and his dog Volka. This was a huge session at Tenia and my favourite picture has to be the one of Colin launching into a massive aerial right in front of a heavy critical section. It was a full on balls to the walls hit and the photo really engages the viewer into how risky it is to be where Colin is.

Check out the full sequence below. Photo - Gill Chabaud

Colin Sifferlen

It was about 3 months since I had last windsurfed and I had just received my new Gaastra sails, boom and mast on Saturday. The forecast was looking big but not as big as it finally was when we arrived at the spot!

AR4D6913 1
AR4D7385 1

I was praying that Gill got the sequence of that one. As soon as the thought entered my head I got pounded by a super heavy lip and had to swim for 20 minutes! I couldn’t see my equipment any more and I was swimming in a sort of giant spa-pool (but not a relaxing one). It was created by the meeting of the lagoon chop against the incoming current of the big sets, a pretty sick place to be, you feel totally alone there I tell you, you're on the top of the deep blue. I was doing signs with my arms for couple of minutes before Gill, Dam and Brice arrived with the boat. My equiment was 300 meters down wind, I was really hoping it was still in one piece, sick current!!!

AR4D7469 1
AR4D6780 1

It was a hard but sick session, so good to windsurf again!

AR4D7527 1



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6732 / 7335 / 7385 - CAPTAIN

6702 / 6748 / 6772 / 6913 / 7011 / 7016 / 7115 / 7527 and the aerial sequence - Colin

7452 / 6965 / 6961 Damien

All other photos - Brice