Just one week ago Tahiti Clear hit our screens, a stunning video that followed Camille Juban and Antoine Martin to Tahiti, one of the best and most dangerous waves in the world. They scored an epic swell with mast high bombs barrelling in. We caught up with the two of them and also with Kevin Pritchard who joined to score some waves and film the two in action. You can see the finished webclip on the last page but first enjoy a few exclusive photos and some words over the next few pages.


Camille Juban and Antoine Martin

Boardseeker: Was it your first time to Tahiti?

CJ: For me it was the 3rd time, I came with Keith Teboul when I was 16 then when I was 18 for the Tahiti windsurf challenge organized bye Baptiste Gossein and a friend of him.

AM: For me it was the first time, but I planned this trip a long time ago, mainly because it's been a dream of mine since I was a kid.

Boardseeker: What was your expectations?

CJ and AM: I expected good waves and some wind for sure, but not this epic session that we had.

Boardseeker: What was the one most memorable moments from this trip?

CJ and AM: I think it was this first wave on THIS big day when I had a good turn and I realized that it was gonna be one of the best session of my life.

Boardseeker: What equipment did you take with you and what equipment did you use the most?

CJ: I took one 4.2 and two 4.6, an Epic (3 batten) and a Mutant (4 batten), I only used the 4.6 Epic. I took two 72 litre custom boards from Keith Teboul. The shapes were almost the same but I preferred one of them over the other so I used only this one.

AM: I took 4.2 and 4.8 Fly (3 battens). I used both sails. For the board I took the radical quad 75 and 83l.


Boardseeker: Did you get into the tube with the windsurf gear?

CJ: He (A.M) was really close to get into it, it was a scary moment.

Boardseeker: Hardest wipeout?

C.J I had one pretty bad one when I landed an aerial and I went too much in the front of wave, but the hardest one was for Antoine, as always, when he hit the lip too late and got projected 4m high and 3m in front of the wave and landed it on his back while the lip got into his face. Unfortunately we missed this one on video...

Boardseeker: Did you have any trouble with the locals?

A.M/C.J Not at all because we show lot of respect by waiting for them to take some sets. The jet-ski you can see on the video was Raimana which was actually telling us the wave to go on. On this shot he was telling me to go deeper as he knows the wave perfectly.

Boardseeker: How was it to share the line up with the likes of John John Florence?

C.J/A.M It's sick because it motivated us to show him how windsurfing is done on the most radical wave in the world. He was getting so deep and easy in the the barrel, like I never seen before.

Boardseeker: Will you go back?

C.J/A.M Definitely more then once!!

Kevin Pritchard


Boardseeker: You have been to Tahiti a few times already, what made this trip so memorable?

This trip was incredible to watch Camille and Antoine ripping. They sailed Teahupoo amazingly.

Boardseeker: Would you say these were the best conditions you have scored?

The big day was probably the best day I have seen there. The time I went with Jason Prior we sailed a lot more and the conditions were more consistent.

Boardseeker: What was your most memorable moment?

Mine was when I dropped in on a mast high wave, and Camille was scratching to get outside the wave and it put me too deep behind the section and I ate crap. That was pretty scary. I was like, oh boy here we go. This is going to be a disaster. Wasn't too bad, except I had one more wave and then did the same exact thing. It pissed me off but it was still a good experience.

Boardseeker: You made it on to the water as well, what gear did you use?

I used my 5.4 Ezzy Taka and my 93 Starboard. It was pretty light wind.

Boardseeker: What was the worst wipeout you saw?

The worst was Camille. He was charging. I think it is the opening wave in the video where he is inside the tube coming down with the lip. Pretty impressive!


Boardseeker: What camera gear are you filming with these days?

I am using the Sony Fs 700, a Canon 5d mk3 and a new POV camera called the ISaw which is working pretty good.

Boardseeker: What top 3 tips would you give an amateur videographer to get the shot and edit right?

1. Well, I am still and amateur myself so what do I try do to get the shot and editing right is to take my time. Especially when you are doing anything in the water. Check, double check and check once more.

2. Secondly, music is the key to making it awesome. If you have great music this helps out a lot.

3. Thirdly, go with the emotion of the song, it is it speeding up, put a faster clip in there, and I try and cut to the beats. If anyone has ever seen me dance they will understand why it is not too much rhythm in the editing but I try really hard. Every 4 seconds there is usually a beat of some sort. And finally, the only way I ever got good as a windsurfer was to practice practice practice. Put in your 10 thousand hours and you will figure it out. I have been trying to do this and stay motivated and shoot when you are done shooting.