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Fanatic have officially announced the launch of their all new 2016 Wave and Freestyle Range. A colourful collection of gear, Fanatic have added to their range with the brand new Stubby TE, an already much talked about board with its distinctive 'cut-off' nose - "the Stubby TE, a super compact parallel rail concept with an amazingly easy and stable ride, spiced with a skaty and slashy surf style. Two sizes – 77 and 88 – will refresh your perspective".

Meanwhile the TriWave board has undergone a 24 month R&D process which promises "an even easier‚ get on and fly feel, combined with more responsive turning, crazy early and fast planing abilities and insane airtime when it comes to jumps".

The remaining boards in the range; the Quad TE, the FreeWave and the Skate TE and Sate BGS have had more than a splash of colour upgrades with minor to no changes on the layup due to already highly optimised shapes.

Flick through our interactive feature which highlights this impressive new board range through high quality videos and impressive photoshoot stills.

  • New innovative rocker line with a pronounced tail kick and flat spot concept for maximum planing power and radical turning potential
  • Slightly increased concave / double concave bottom shape for acceleration, control and smooth drive, even in choppy conditions
  • Trim moved backwards for more direct turning
  • New compact outline with rounded squash tail for snappy turns even in smaller waves
  • Side fins with slight tow for smooth water flow, reduced drag and maximum speed
  • Flat deck for a stable stance and secure feeling even when the wind drops
  • Fast and grippy quad fin setup, perfectly matching the board’s shape and characteristics, in the lightweight and easy to adjust Slotbox system
  • Straighter, more parallel rails for reduced drag and a cleaner waterline
  • Short and wide “Stubby-Nose" – reduced to the boards effective lengths – for reduced swing weight, fast change of direction and rotations, as well as easy recovery from steep re-entries or jumps
  • Wide double diamond tail for planing power
  • Tail-Channel for extra drive and control
  • Reduced centre width for speed and a straighter rail flow
  • Trim and stance moved backwards, adapted to the board’s length, tail width and rocker line
  • Larger Tri Fin set matching the board’s wide tail, for incredible lift, drive and upwind ability
  • Constant V with slight double concave for easy and controlled planing also in choppy conditions
  • Full rails for stability, thin tail for grip and radical turning
  • Slight tow-in side fins and channel edges for ideal water flow with minimum drag
  • Compact outline for smooth waveriding with sufficient volume in the nose area for early planing and ease of use
  • Fishtail, rounded nose and a CAD designed scoop rocker line
  • Slight V and double concave bottom shape
  • Full, smooth rails in the nose with a higher apex and tucked under edge
  • Flat mid deck section enhancing a stable stance and efficient volume
  • Smaller sizes highly tuned for responsive waveriding
  • Thruster fin setup option available for the full wave experience
  • Finely tuned tail shape for even faster acceleration and a livelier, quicker reaction
  • Reverse length concepts are supported by the compact outlineInteractive feedback and comfort beneath the feet is provided by the integrated arch support in the tail pad
  • Sliding manoeuvres made easy due to the nose rails
  • Thinner rails between the stance sharpen carving Freestyle moves
  • Power V bottom shape for smooth sliding and controlled top speed