Just around the corner is none other than the DAM7 Festival, a festival that incorporates windsurfing at its heart because it is not only hosting the PWA but it is organised by windsurfers for windsurfers. This special crew known as the DAM7 Team had just a few 'small' requirements before hosting this event. One such requirement, which was kept as no secret, was to launch the event at a level equivalent to that of PWA Podersdorf and PWA Sylt. They want to open with a bang and judging by the build up and what we've seen so far, it certainly looks like they have already achieved this. So where did the plan originate from and what's in store for those lucky people attending? We asked the head honcho's son, the very man himself - Rick Jendrusch.


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How the idea came

The place were it all begun was Zeil-& Surfcentrum Brouwersdam in The Netherlands, at the lake Grevenlingenmeer. The idea came already a few years ago! Here in Holland at Brouwersdam we already had some big events like The MissionXL, Super 8 and more local events. We also did quite a few non-windsurfing events.


The plan was to put a big event on, and I think we did it but we want more! The first idea was to do freestyle and slalom and make a big festival around it, we are so keen to combine a mix of the event in Sylt and Podersdorf.

Unfortunately there was not quite enough support for slalom so we now have the Freestyle men and women, and of course the big festival!

The work

To organise an event on this scale is a lot of work! We began with some investors and the DAM7 team. The team was about 5 people and there are also some extra people who always help! Like the whole team of Zeil-& Surfcentrum Brouwersdam! I was also on this team helping them, I did my internship for DAM7!


We started with the idea and worked this out, finding sponsors was the hardest thing! In these times it is not so easy to find sponsors who want to spend a lot of money on a new event! That’s also the reason why the slalom will not be here in The Netherlands. However, we will try to do this next year again. We also had to change a lot of thigs we had in mind! We told our self that it’s better to do it small and good than big and shit! So we had to scale it down in order to achieve this, hopefully!

With the DAM7 team we had a lot of ideas, so we worked them out and stared to promote everything! We went to brands, schools and the government! We stared searching bands who fit to our program, also we wanted to invite other sports like wake-boarding, bike riding and programs for kids throughout the day!

For all this to happen we had a lot of meetings with different brands, companies and people. Now 2 weeks before the event everything has turned out well so far and we are happy that everyone is helping us in such a good way.

The first year of organising a PWA world cup is the hardest one, because everything is new and the people, the brands and the companies first want to see how it's going be!

Impressie Veraf TPA LS

Event Info

The event will be a week of fun, party and sports. It’s called a boardsport & lifestyle festival. We will have the PWA Freestyle men and women there, that is the most important aspect. Then around this competition we have a lot to do for the spectators and fans!

We have a lot of brands outside the windsurf market at the event, including clinics for windsurfing, sup and long boarding. Also there is a big water-jump, that is a pretty fun thing to do on the lazy days. On top of that we have a wakeboard 2.0 system and a bike pump track, So no space to get bored!


Sure we also do some extra things like parties, movie nights and last but not least a Tow-In competition! This will be an EFPT (European Freestyle Pro Tour) event, the best riders out of the PWA will compete in this!

On the 7th of September we have the big opening show, there the event will be opened by Olympic medallist Dorian van Rijsselberghe! That is going be a great evening, all the riders will be there as well and right afterwards a big opening party!


The windsurf spot


The PWA will be held in The Netherlands at Zeil & Surfcentrum Brouwersdam. This is located in Zeeland towards the south of Holland. The lake is known as Grevenlingenmeer.

I think most of the people have already heard about this spot or at the very least seen it on video’s from some of the local stars like Davy Scheffers, Steven van Broeckhoven, Dieter van der Eyken, Nick van Ingen, Yentel Cears and Rick Jendrusch! These guys are training there most of the year so you can be sure that the spot is really good for freestyle, you have a lot of different conditions! With every wind direction you can sail there, SW is the best but other directions are no problem! You will find choppy water and mirror flat water in the “freestyle" pool!

The spot is really loved by Germans, in summer time this part of Holland is taken over by the Germans, 80% of the tourist are German speaking. Windsurfing is living in this place! In my opinion it is one of the best and most busy windsurfing spots in the world.. Or Europe at the very least! There is always something to do here, also when there is no wind! The windsurf centre of Brouwersdam has expanded to one big fun park! There is everything, they have a Restaurant, Sailing school, Windsurf school, Waterjump, SUP, Accommodation, Race Office, Beach lodges, Rental and a surf shop! So this is a big thing!


Special info for riders

Schermafbeelding 2013-08-19 om 21.56.46

The water is between 1.30m and deeper! There are some sharp stones and oysters, the Japanese oyster. Thess ones are really really sharp so take your shoes with you, no joke! It is really important that you wear them!

The wind here in Holland can be quite different from day to day, you can not take just 2 sizes, it can be between 2 and 42 knots! So take everything, all your sails and boards with you! The forecast forecast from windfinder is the best to watch, you can really trust this one. When you search on windfinder type: Renesse Kabbelaarsbank then you have the spot.

The temperatures are still a bit warm, outside its around 15 – 25 Celsius and the water is around 17 Celsius.

Also there will be a tow-in competition so think about this!

The opening ceremony will be on the 7th September at 19:30! Be there!

The closing party will be at 14th September!



Sure there will be some epic parties and we Dutch guys know how to do this!


We will have some epic DJ’s and bands! The first weekend, with the opening ceremony, we have an amazing line up. It will be a typical Dutch house music evening with Dj Gregor Salto, Santos Suarez and more. These guys rock the stage!

Then we start again on Thursday with a movie night and after this Santos Suarez will play again!


Friday will be all about live bands, this weekend we have a lot of famous Dutch bands and they will plate till the small hours!

Saturday will be the closing party on the 14th September, that evening is going to be crazy! I know already that all the PWA riders will be there to celebrate their results, and again we have planned a lot of bands for this evening!

We will put up a big party tent for this week!

We also have our very own special DAM7 cocktail made from Vodka and a certain juice, so make sure you come along to sample it!