A month on the battle to reinstate windsurfing as an Olympic sport is in full swing and we are now looking forward, hopeful that Weymouth 2012 will not be the last Olympic showcase for our sport.

Photo by: Jean Baptiste Messiaen.

RS:X youth fleet, how will the decision affect these up and coming racers?

Many points have been raised in various discussions regarding the decision and while we all know that the removal of the Olympic tag will have repercussions for many more than just the RS:X racers attending the games, is there a silver lining?

The fight for our sport has no doubt drawn the windsurfing community closer together, but are there any other potential pros that we can draw from what has happened? Or is the decision really as disastrous for our sport as it seems?

Former Olympic campaigner and Boardseeker founder, Adrian Jones and former Olympic class racer, Richard Potter, have differing views on what it all means for windsurfing. Raising a few points you may not have thought of and reigning in the debate, is another former Olympic campaigner Ben Proffitt...welcome to the Great Olympic Debate.