It's been one of the longest on-forecast events in the history of our sport. Almost failing on the first hurdle, the Red Bull Storm Chase very nearly missed out on the perfect storm they were looking for to launch this latest edition of their storm chase series. The fact of the matter is, they got it all, and are now facing a nail biting finalé in what is set to be the showdown of the century. A culmination of meticulous planning combined with breathtaking skill and jaw dropping gnarly locations, this final show in Cornwall is set to rock the world of windsurfing like never before. So, in images, these are our personal Boardseeker favourites on how the journey to Cornwall has laid out.

Be sure to stay tuned to, and our sister site, for plenty of live updates from our reporter on the scene - Amy Carter. If you missed it, check out our hot tips from UK locals and the guys who know Cornwall pretty darn well: Andy King, Phil Horrocks, Chris Murray and Steve Thorp - CLICK HERE

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The ten contenders who made the first round after a gruelling public vote


Head Judge Duncan Coombs with RBSC Organiser Klaas Voget

Leon Jamaer loading up a very small plane...