There is no hiding the fact that there was an EFPT Tow-In contest recently. The success of the event was phenomenal, with a massive amount of media attention; talks have already started about similar events further afield, so be sure to watch this space. Back to topic and this year’s EFPT Chiemsee Tow-In, certainly provided some of the best freestyle photos ever to be seen. We managed to get our hands on them and are extremely happy to present them to you for your viewing pleasure.

Photos by Martin Reiter

A little more about the event

Being the first ever European Championships with €5000 prize money up for grabs it was a no holds barred contest. The level was pushed to the absolute limit and unseen combinations were landed in an impressive final showdown on Monday night.

For the competitors they had two runs in the qualification rounds to stick their most technical, powerful and crowd pleasing move. The top three of each round were put through to the Monday night final and one lucky loser rounded the number up to ten.

In the final the competitors stuck huge moves and it was Kiri Thode, Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo and Steven Van Broeckhoven who took third, second and first respectively. It was a tight battle but Steven’s triple air funnel sealed the deal, despite Gollito’s air funnel into burner. Later there were big discussions about this result with many favouring the new combination move by Gollito. However, the European champion has been announced and again Steven remains strong against what was once a scene dominated by Venezuelans and Carribeans.

We are excited to see where this goes in future and it is perhaps now that you can really say Tow-in windsurfing really is the perfect no-wind substitute. There is no escaping the fact that on one of the qualifying nights 27,000 people were on the scene, many were partying already but there were also a huge number watching. With the beach rammed to the hilt it was the finest tow-in show windsurfing has seen.