It was over a year ago that Tony Mottus and his motley crew, known as Slow Ride, caught our eye, their videos are a little far from what we have come to expect, and with that a certain level of controversy seems to be arising. Some news channels even refuse to post their clips whilst a few select others lap it up and embrace their underground surf/skate style image. We were keen to dig further into this 'underground scene', so whilst Boardseeker were on location in Fuerteventura we had our own unique meet and great. First, we present team Slow Rides latest video, which skipped the spotlight of the worlds windsurfing news, and then our condensed version of the long chilled out chat we had with Tony...

Words with Mr Mottus

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A quick update about Tony Mottus and Team Slow Ride, what are you currently up to and what are your plans?

We are currently on Fuerte, training and chilling with Oli Stauffacher and Loick Spicher. The other crew members; Christofer Kalk, who is in Marbelle, Spain enjoying his mothers wedding and Sten Aava is just loving life at home, chilling and relaxing. We have two other members that most people don't know so well, Ingvar Lukas is our soul wave rider, fully into waves and right now he is in England getting ready for University. The second person we added just this year, Mihkel Mark is our film maker who made the clip from Fuerte last year.

Boardseeker: Your videos stray quite a way away from the norm, why is that?

They are just less serious, more about lifestyle and showing our personalities. The videos were really in the same track as other videos last year but we changed it a lot this year to show us more as personalities, it's more about fun. We were inspired by surf and skate videos quite a bit so we decided to follow this path with our edits.

Boardseeker: There seems to be a movement from some of the freestyle riders to push away from this stereotypical approach to please their sponsors with action clips. Do you think the sponsors are more pleased by something people will talk about controversially or by the next action clip?

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What we are really keen to do is to get people thinking, in particular the other riders, that they can and should be more open minded with their videos and show their true persona and character. There are still some people who want to keep it professional, which is cool, but we are keen to see what the guys have who cannot show who they really are right now because the industry 'restricts it' a bit, so we hope we can inspire some guys to do the same. You know freestyle is really different to the other disciplines like slalom and wave, which is much more athletic, it's more about fun and 'punk-style', you know a more alternative approach is needed.

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Boardseeker: Skating broke away from the public appeal and went more underground with it's clear 'anti-rules' approach, have you heard of much of this in windsurfing at all?

Right now it hasn't reached that really, this is what we are trying to push, but you can see some movement from other like minded guys. You know, like the windsurfing park in Leucate by the WESH Centre Crew, also a few guys have been doing tow-in at cable parks where you normal see wakeboarding and I heard of one or two guys even doing some winch sessions. It's really cool because it is kind of different and we want to see so much ore of this. There is even talk of some of the guys going into the city with it and doing some urban windsurfing... But yeah it is really cool that people are doing this, we are not really into the tow-in side ourselves, we are really into the core freestyle windsurfing which you can see in our videos, you know showing that raw style. A big thumbs-up to the open minded guys, we can't wait to see what is coming in the future...

Boardseeker: There is a certain attraction to controversy and pushing the limits in society, do you think some parts of windsurfing should or could go this way?

Yeah I think it should be, you know look at skateboarding, they push it so far, you see guys really feeling open about what they do, not hiding any part of their lifestyle, there is no rules it is all just free expression. It would be really cool to see this more in windsurfing, the industry should really care more about the personalities as much as they do about the competition. People can aspire to personalities so well, you know young kids look up to the 'rock-stars' of the windsurf world, like Tonky Frans who is really free and open with his personality. So highlighting the personalities more will bring more people towards the sport, especially the young. Right now it seems like the focus is a little bit... err... 'out of balance'... haha! I mean more towards just results and the next new move, or whatever.

Boardseeker: Do you think windsurfing is missing a certain team aspect in the sport or are some brands already pushing ahead with this?

Yeah for sure Point-7 are doing the right thing, they all train in the winter on the same island, you know they take the athletic approach but they are a real team, followed with cameras, lots of videos and check out their results this year. Especially in the slalom, they are killing it! It would be really cool to see other teams follow it, you know with their own style. Outside the sport it is clear to see it sells well, you know in surfing there is GLOBE or in skateboarding you have the Baker Team. These brands really focus on just selling the image of their brand through lifestyle, there are actually teams like this in windsurfing but they are not pushing it so much.

Boardseeker: So where will team Slow Ride go in the future?

For sure to carry on being more progressive with our videos, pushing the limits but just being us and having fun you know. We are enjoying everything we do right now and it is awesome to do it as a team of friends, this is our lifestyle.

The next stop for us is PWA Holland, all the team will be there and we can't wait... let's have fun... Holland calling... =)

Team Slow Ride wants to make a special thanks to Boardseeker for the interview and the time.

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Photos courtesy of S3one