Based on overall scores alone, Boardseeker bring you the top 14 Boardseeker Babes!

Originally this feature was going to be the “Top 10 Boardseeker Babes” but it seems that the Boardseeker Babe judges have historically had a fondness for an 83% score, so much so that we have 6 Babes in equal ninth position!

9th = (83%), Emma Johansson

Previously voted the top Babe by the Boardseeker readers!

Katie McAnena

2010 Irish Ladies Wave Champion as well as 1st Place BWA Kerry!

Nancy Tyrie

Now a permanent resident of the Island of Margarita, Venezuela.

Susi Mai

German born Pro Kitesurfer who now lives in Cabarete.

Tatiana Howard

Maui based founder of the Butterfly Effect ‘Worldwide Water Women Movement’

Yoli De Brendt

Another Margarita local, Yoli is 2010 Freestyle vice champion and runs windsurf clinics around the world

8th (84%), Svetlana Martynova

Russian born windsurfing instructor who now resides in Dahab.

7th (86%), Olya Raskina

Another Russian-born windsurfing instructor who now lives in Dahab!

6th (87%), Danielle Kiersz

Maui born and raised although not a windsurfer as such!

5th (88%), Jo Scott

Now in the RAF, Jo started up the Club Vass Diva Week

3rd = (89%), Ellie Boyle

Owner of Boylos Watersports Store

Marnie Toocaram

Club Vass instructor from Essex

2nd (90%), Lucy Clarke

Windsurfer and author

Number 1 is actually a kiter! Based in Tarifa, Sophie Matthews is a qualified qualified Personal Trainer, Sports Masseure and Nutritionist.

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