New Rock on the beach

PRICE: £279 - £399

SIZES: 2.7 - 6.0m

It's been a few years since Tushingham did an overhaul of their all-round wave sail, the Rock. So we decided to track down team riders Chris Murray and George Shillito to see what changes had been made to the new sail.

They made this quirky little video for us....


Summary of changes:

Clew: The clew has been reinforced and strengthened with webbing to enhance the sails durability and improves performance, giving the sail a firmer, crisper feel.

Reduced stretch panel: By reducing this panel it gives a much more responsive, direct feel whilst still keeping a good constant feel as the panel reduces the effects of gusts and turbulent wind.

Extended Foot: The extended foot covers up the mast foot hiding any excess downhaul rope and stops any bumps and scrapes as you move around the board.

Adjustable Mast Cap: Not really a new feature but one definitely worth mentioning as you can adjust the luff to any length mast you may have, meaning a session is never missed, and the sail rigs on a huge variety of masts. However, if you want the optimum results from your rig, always use the recommended mast and IMCS.

Dots and White X-ply: Well, you want to make sure you stand out on the water and the all new panel layout uses strong lightweight laminates combined with Kevlar reinforced laminates to give a very light, quick & responsive feel.

Sail colour chart:

Click a swatch to see the colour options:

Product shots: