Already a multiple times sell out performance, Below The Surface has been generating waves far beyond the reach of windsurfing. In Sylt, the plan was to have the usual single premiere, but the tickets were so popular they ended running four sell out shows in total. From our inside knowledge we've been hearing about the DVD's literally flying off the shelf and there are yet more premiers to take place in cities and surf breaks world wide. If Andre is out there and watching down on us, he sure as hell would be proud of his team and what they have pulled out the bag. So with this in mind we've decided to tap into the knowledge of the BTS crew and probe a little deeper with a few featurettes about the 'Making Of'.

in places where the wind never stops it is a challenge to not lose your mind


Featurette No.1- LOVE/HATE

Top 5 reasons why we HATE making a windsurfing movie


It is a full time job, it really is. It is not just going somewhere and filming and having fun. Dealing with sponsors, working with the web and magazines, keeping the website and FB up to date or coordinating the team schedules - just to name a few jobs. The movie is the first thought in the morning and the last one before you go to bed.

the camera equipment

Having back pain of carrying the camera all day, explaining to the Peruvian custom control that six bags of camera equipment is normal for a private holiday movie, hoping that the water housing is not going to leak, finding plugs to charge the batteries on the road or an "unknown error" on the display after a great session of shooting are things we can handle after a few years of experience with cameras. Still we would not miss these issues a lot if we would not have them.

music rights

If it would not be already hard enough to find a great soundtrack to the images we have, the whole work with labels, artists and licensing for DVD production is extremely time-consuming and missing one single signed letter just a few days before the premier makes you go crazy.

wind, wind, wind


Yes we love windsurfing, but especially in places where the wind never stops it is a challenge to not lose your mind. The constant noise, the constant fight against the wind to keep the camera steady and one hour of cleaning the equipment that is full of sand and salt every day, makes windsurfing one of the hardest sports to film.

movie premieres

Being at a movie premiere as a part of the production team next to the stars of the movie is like being the drummer of a band. Just weird girls like the drummer. Beside that we wake up the morning after and suddenly there is no work any more. That feels strange. No lists full of work, no deadlines, no travelling. Just a really good moment for some holidays.

Top 5 reasons why we LOVE making a windsurfing movie


This is probably the main reason why we came up with the idea of producing a windsurf movie. We enjoy pushing the boundaries in windsurf movie-making, trying new angles, working on crazy ideas and filming with some of the best riders on the planet.


The whole team loves to travel. Meeting new people, seeing different cultures, tasting unknown food and showing the magic a place has to offer through the lens. It is an exciting thing to be involved in when you focus all your life on wind and swell forecasts. You never know what is going to happen the next day. Today you sit behind a desk in Germany and the next you stand in board shorts on the other side of the planet, with a camera in your hands, shooting endless waves. To capture the conditions like we see them in reality is a never-ending conquest. We enjoy this step out of our comfort zone.

cloudy days

When we have already had some great days shooting in perfect sunshine, the riders want and need the rest on cloudy days. That means a full day of windsurfing for the camera crew and lots of happy faces in the evening.


Our job never gets boring. If its amazing waves we film from the beach, we film exhausting water session where riders almost land on our heads, we try not to get seasick on a boat, or nauseous from hanging outside of a helicopter at 40 knots. Every day offers a new mission.

movie premieres

It is such a reward that people come to a movie theatre to see what we have accomplished. To experience how they react to the movie. To see them smile, hear their „WOW“ and make them dream too. Priceless.