Freestyle windsurfing is as cool as it is radical but without being an avid fan of the discipline it's quite likely that the words; culo, burner, kono, kabikuchi, skopu and so on all sound a little like a meet and great between two wild Indian tribesmen, and this is us just touching the surface.

When you break down the discipline there are quite a few genres, you begin at the old school moves, where the board doesn't leave the water, things like downwind 360s, monkey gybes and so on. Moving on from that and you get to the basics, the moves that we all want to achieve at some point in our life; spocks, flakas and such and such. As we slowly ease our way up the food chain we step into the world of power moves; culos, burners, konos and so on. Then the combo moves came in, spock into culo, puneta into funnel, air funnel into funnel and the list goes as far as the imagination and the laws of physics can provide. At this point freestyle windsurfing stagnated briefly, where was it going? Then we saw the double power moves, burner into burner and culo into culo, all requiring strong winds and perfect conditions. Finally we find ourselves on the edge of our discipline, in the proverbial lions nest, double air power moves, wild contortions that are blowing all our minds, even the the worlds best freestylers themselves.

So in our attempt to prepare each and everyone of us for the season ahead we caught up with the technical mastermind that is Taty Frans and together worked out a list of ten of the hardest possible moves that might just show their faces during the biggest PWA heats this year. We even threw in a couple wildcards just to keep things exciting, and yes we know there are a few combos missing, there's no pleasing everyone. Scroll on right to see what's in store.

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Gollito Estredo - Double Burner a Windsurfing,[Users]>F>fanaticinternational video by fanaticinternational

One of the earliest double power moves, the double burner opened up the field to all sorts of crazy rotations. We'd place a bet that this move will come out on the PWA World Tour this year should the wind conditions provide.

Hi All,take 5 sec of your time and see myself rotate into this freestyle move called: DOUBLE CULOGaastra Windsurfing Mystic Starboard Windsurfing Powerex Windsurfing Bonaire Windsurf Place LSD Fins #teamgaastra #gasails #teamtatyfrans #themastermind #continentseven PWA World Tour Windsurfing 4Windsurf Boardseeker International World of windsurf SURF Magazine Motion Windsurf Magazine Continentseven

Posted by Taty Frans on Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Powerful and stylish, the double culo is for sure going to show it's face a lot more this year.

Amongst the top 4/5 this move has been around for a few years but word on the street is that this is becoming a little more commonplace, so will we see it more often on the PWA this year.

Pulling this move out in Bonaire during the PWA stop there at the start of 2014, this was the first time we had seen this move. Super technical, powerful and highly appreciated by the pros and judges a like, it's surely a competition winning move when it comes close on the sheets.

Double Air Funnel aka Balzko - Balz Müller

We wanted to name this the Balzko because we saw him working on a 'more than air funnel' rotation in Cape Town. What do you think, is it a Balzko or 'just' a sick air funnel 900.

Posted by Boardseeker International on Friday, 17 April 2015

This is one of those moves where if you look really closely, frame by frame, it looks like 'just' a sick air funnel 900 but played at normal speed it could be pushing closer to the double air funnel. This is another of those moves with rumours hanging over it but yet to be seen, so in the meantime this is the closest it gets, but how about this, would you give it a new name or just call it an air funnel 900 or a double air funnel?

Way back in 2012 was the first time we saw this move landed, Steven Van Broeckhoven pulled this out the bag whilst spending some time training in Maui.

This is the original attempt at the shifty 720 by Balz Müller and perhaps the closest attempt we have seen on video to date. The question is are the rumours true and has this move actually been landed. We eagerly await to see what the pros have been training over the winter.

"I heard some rumours that Steven [Van Broeckhoven] had this one pretty much perfected already so we could see it in Fuerte this year or even in France if the wind and small waves provide good conditions for it, but I guess the move needs ramp for it" - Taty Frans

One of the most memorable air kabis we have seen. Amado Vrieswijk faced Kiri Thode in the second single elimination during PWA Bonaire last year and Vrieswijk opened with this! It would be fair to say that this 10pt move is very likely to crop up again this year, especially considering the number of guys we have seen stick it in their winter training shredits.

Jump to 1.24 and you'll see what we mean. Or just watch the whole clip and marvel at all the other possibilities that we could see. This is Kiri Thode sailing at his home-spot with his ideal set-up, the level of this video is about as high as it gets right now but hell give it a couple days and someone will probabaly drop something totally ridic, just to throw a spanner in the twisted world of freestyle windsurfing.

WTF! Youp Schmit lands the worlds first double air culo. Watch one hell of a crazy video as Schmit fights back after sustaing a heavy injury towards the end of last season. Click below!http://www.boardseekermag.com/news/wtf-youp-schmit-lands-worlds-first-double-air-culo/

Posted by Boardseeker International on Friday, 17 April 2015

Like the shifty, the double air culo is also a move that has not quite had a perfect landing, but let's face it when you rotate this fast is it possible to land perfectly. Maybe this is as close as we will ever see it get, either way these two moves have just pushed freestyle windsurfing into a whole new world of radical.

"It might be possible but it is not a perfected move so we would only see it if someone has the perfect heat and then has space to try it before the time is up. Then you need strong wind, 4.4 or 4.8 weather, maybe in Fuerte." - Taty